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He Is Legend


Genres: Rock / Southern Rock / Psychedelic

Location: Wilmington, NC

Stats: 12,335 fans / 2,146,728 plays / 56 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Matt, Adam, Schuylar, Steve

We pride ourselves on being the most random band in the universe. There is no one concept, no one rule to how we do things. We dont agree on anything besides the music we write. Why take yourself seriously if you are in a rock band? I cant even believe that people pay money to watch us make fools out of ourselves onstage. But still, we want everyone to come to the show and never know what to expect, besides knowing they will have a great time."
-Schuylar Croom

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  • benji said:
    if you love dirty rock, southern/hardcore check us out. http://www.purevolume.com/americandreamrock Mar 27
  • missuh said:
    Sep 13
  • ?BATWING said:
    i love your creativity o.o Jun 21
  • Scott Sparks said:
    Why isn't the new album up? lol May 03
  • Mayra_Mortician said:
    www.purevolume.com/chemicalspill give them a listen u will love it Apr 18
  • Christopher Abuhl said:
    oooo my gosh.......... thats nasty...... best song ever. seriously good talent. u guys did an excellent job on the album "it hates you". like because of that album... you guys are my all time favorite. like the grunge dark sound of that album feel like my brain is being rapped around a brick and having lemon juice squeezed on it... its like drugs. every song.... is REALLY good on that album. A+ on that album guys. rock on. Apr 13
  • Barb G. said:
    im love this band attack of the dungeon witch! Apr 11
  • ZigZag said:
    I love you....no seriously... Jan 25
  • Malachi said:
    Want to hear something different? Search my band “PLAY THE BONES “ please or www.purevolume.com/playthebones Free downloads!!! Lots of piano Jan 05
  • LayneJ said:
    DO NOT BREAK UP Nov 23
  • MrFoxyShazam said:
    No, they did not break up. they hit a rough spot, but they decided to stay together and now are stronger than ever. Thank goodness. Nov 22
  • operattte said:
    They broke up? That fucking sucks. Never even got to see them. Nov 06
  • KodyWitDaK said:
  • xX|:Jordan:|Xx (On The Clouds With Fire) said:
    1 song free download please. ONE SONG! LOL Oct 18
  • Spencer said:
    Ah... they're breaking up... dang. Oct 12


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