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  • larry said:
    corey was my 8th grade teacher last year he was the best. Aug 29
  • jempoltidung said:
    This is amazing by http://pulautidung-indonesia.net Apr 07
  • Jessica Spytko said:
    a little too hot is phenomenal. Apr 07
  • .And said:
    great, great and great music! come on to Brazil :D Jun 09
  • HanSeL said:
    goods music guys,please dont stop ! May 08
  • Dita said:
    hi! listen to our band at http://www.purevolume.com/DarkShow, and download our single "Nuestro Amor (Our Love)" Jan 12
  • Remifasol said:
    The Algorithm [MATHCORE.ELECTRONIC.PROGRESSIVE] : http://www.purevolume.com/TheAlgorithm Jan 11
  • wendy thibodeau said:
    miss this.. Nov 01
  • Harshsunlight ^-^ said:
    love it! Apr 10
  • Myrl said:
    Love your music. the sound is quite unique. the band's breaking up?? dammit... grr... well, bye! -M- Mar 04
  • My Heart Attack said:
    Check out my music and let us know what think! http://www.purevolume.com/revolution15 Jan 10
  • Alyssa said:
    Friggin Amzing music :3 Dec 22
  • m.s.p said:
    Ohh how I miss you :* I\'ll love your music forever! x Jul 04
  • Primal Enemy 14 said:
    Hey u guys rock! If u can check out the band. PRIMAL ENEMY at purevolume.com/primalenemy Mar 13
  • xtellmeimamazingx said:
    This is amazing. Hope to see you guys somewhere. Love it!!! Jan 14
  • Oh__bird said:
    you are all i dream of come to modesto, CA Dec 14
  • hoothootowlbaby said:
    your music is mindblowing. you have a song for every mood and situation. totally love it so keep it up Dec 05
  • AngieIkeCore said:
    I miss you. Nov 01
  • doubledgedsword said:
    This music is so MUSICAL.. it gives me goosebumps. much love. Oct 26
  • dickcommasara said:
    =[[ i love you Oct 14