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  • kevinsgirlforever24 said:
    \"321\" and \"i\'m so into you\" are amazzzing!!! Aug 26
  • kimCRUNKED_ said:
    SHITT!! You guys were fucking amazing at the show last nighht. Jacob was working those short shorts. ( L ) See you in the fall. Aug 11
  • pnksktr228 said:
    I love u guys so much!! Keep up the good work. Comment back! WE LOVE U!! -Betsy May 24
  • ..*//-Whatsername28-//*.. said:
    you guys are amazing!! i love you guys and your music! jacob you have an awsome voice and your soo hot!! Apr 09
  • christina. said:
    ha, i saw you in duncan! Apr 01
  • d3vidz said:
    HEDLEY c justE TROP boNN... LOVE heDLEY... anD JACOB ROCK...ROCK... VIVe heDLEY... Mar 17
  • Iron_Girl said:
    I love street fight......Please put it on!!!!! I cant get it out of my head!!! Mar 05
  • MattRocks19 said:
    I Like Hedely Mar 02
  • Bass Guitar Rocker Girl '09 said:
    I want you guys to know you are amazing!!! i luv you guys!!!%u2665 Feb 18
  • stars 'n' hearts said:
    man i saw you guys in Moncotn NB every time you guys came down f**k you guys are awesome need to come back ... o and your dvd try this at home i pretty mch pissed my self laughing everytime lol love the part were you split your leg open when you were drunk as hell in the hospital man you guys rock keep it going %u263A Feb 15
  • punkett said:
    I love Hedley!!!! i have the Hotts for Jacob!! i have a now not so secret thing for emo guys, nad its because of you jacob! Jan 15
  • 001ritinha said:
    Great vocals and instrumental. Very good indeed =) Jan 04
  • stephs12 said:
    i just think that you guys are amazing... and that you should make a stop in montreal soon :) cuz i\'d be there for sure!! Jan 02
  • ericaa said:
    Yeaa I sooo lovee this band! its freaking awesome! lol I LOVEE HEDLEY :P:P -Nikki ♥ Dec 29
  • shannonannon said:
    Come to Halifax again, I missed you guys the first time! Dec 15
  • vanessa_1416 said:
    hey guys! Nice purevolume thing you\'ve got goin on here. I can\'t see what I\'m writing, so sorry for all the typo\'s! Keep rocking! -Vanessa Dec 04
  • When_You_Mention_Blue said:
    jacob hoggard may i say you are one sexy guy. you should seriously come back to orlando on your next tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock the phuk on boys. xoxo Nov 26
  • lolobean2012 said:
    I Nov 11
  • scott lova said:
    Hey, you guys totally rock my world especially Jacob, he\'s cool, keep on rocking! Love always; Scott Lova Oct 19
  • mizz.jessica. said:
    mmmk..you guys need to come back to canada for some super awesome concerts or make a cd or else your going on my bad list and you dont wanna be on bad list okay? okay Oct 17