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Heather Evans

Out of the Woods EP Release


Genres: Indie / Pop / Rock

Location: Galloway, OH

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4 tracks

Members: Heather Evans

"Humility, maturity... these are not qualities normally attributed to 22-year-old singer/songwriters of Heather Evans' caliber. These attributes are accurate though.

One doesn't spend much time with Evans before they are struck by her immense faith. Her music doesn't shy from life's issues, however. Her lyrics are full of searching and yearning.

Evans released an album called "Impatient Heart" while still a high school kid named Heather Waugh. Since then, she's entered young adulthood and gotten married. Evans has released music here and there over the past couple of years and continues to piece together a new full-length as time allows.

When Evans plays live, more often than not, she's raising money for others. We've kidded her that it's ok to make a bit of money for herself. She's not against the idea, but then there's always someone who needs her help. That's just Heather."

Quoted By: www.Palestra.net

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  • The Unwritten November said:
    beautiful voice, beautiful lyrics, beautiful music... what more can i say? you are a beautiful person. :) keep it up! May 07
  • StAR5&StAtz said:
    HeY HEATHER! it be me...Viktoria!! woo hoo! rock on chick! Apr 15

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