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Heart In Hand (CAN)


Genres: Hardcore / Screamo / Alternative

Location: Canada

Stats: 7 fans / 697 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Chris, Cody, Kelton

Chris - Vocals
Cody - Guitar/Vocals
Kelton - Guitar


  • said:
    hey guys. i saw you guys on atreyu\'s purevolume and figured id check you out. no songs up tho so im still waiting for that. check my band out too www.purevolume.com/fatesteppedin Jan 19
  • papercutxx said:
    Haha Yayyyy . Stan is the shizznotch . Mar 02
  • [[ Outside.The.Nine ]] said:
    gAWD.you guys rock some HARDCORE.ASS :P. Amaziing Peoplee In This FAWKIN.BAND. I am REALLY looking forward into hearing the song Save her wiith lyrics. =D You Guyz Are sooo AMAZIINgg =D . Supporting you guys ALL THHE WAYY!! Feb 16
  • papercutxx said:
    Pchaa . OMIGOSH CODY I finally found the comment button >.< Aha it really is hokay to be jealous . Mmmmmkay ? Kay . Pretty comments . I\'m coming to one of yer band practices . By the way . Groupies need to be there . ^.^ Lmao kidding aha . Hmmkay I\'m liking yer guitar skills . You be teaching me them right aha . Damn straight . As soon as I get my guitar . Hokay ? Hokay . So I love yer band . This is a fgt comment . Kay . bye love you =P Feb 08
  • punxx13 said:
    you guys are soo skillled. awesome music =) Feb 07
  • xx_castaway said:
    Just came across yours at random. Awesome shit here =] Hopefully you put some more music up. Feb 07

Heart In Hand EP

No release date

Anthony The Hardcore Drummer

Melbourne, Australia


Brandon, MB


Brampton, ON


United States


United States

[[ Outside.The.Nine ]]

Beverly Hills, CA


Brampton, ON

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