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Hearing the Sonrise


Genres: Alternative / Christian / Rock

Location: USA

Stats: 8 fans / 1,074 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Kate, Logan, James, Phil, Christian, Jake, Erik, Amy, Jason, Matt, Josh

Hearing the Sonrise has been known as the "FVCA Worship Team" since 2004. We led middle school worship until May 2007 at Fox Valley Christian Academy. We have played at a few area churches, and to our surprise have been invited back to almost all of them. We are hoping for a shot at Lifest 2007, Cup 'O Joy, local christian camps (such as Silver Birch Ranch, Crescent Lake Bible Camp, or Camp Forest Springs), area churches, and whatever other opportunities we can get. The band is as follows:

Kate- Lead Vocals, guitar, sound and lighting engineer
Logan- Guitar
Jason- Guitar
Erik-Bass Guitar
Amy-Keyboard and Background Vocals
Philip-Background Vocals
James-Background Vocals
Josh-Auxillary Percussion

As of June 2, 2007, at 10:14 pm when I'm writing this we have been a band for just under 12 hours. The name came from Philip, who suggested Hearing the Sonrise. He has planned out entire future.

In our free time (the time we don't spend writing, recording, or trying to record music) we enjoy everything from skiing (and snowboarding/wakeboarding) (both water and downhill), skateboarding, video games, paintball, and swimming.

Also, if you just so happened to be someone looking to book a band, we would be more than interested. Click "Booking" on the bottom of the page for contact information. If that doesn't work here it is:

Logan Ott - lgnott@gmail.com

Kate Schwarzenbart - kmsbart@juno.com

Thank you for taking time to look at our page and listen to a few of our songs.


Here in Your Arms we just finished today. This is a first draft. Leave some comments on how it sounds and how we could improve it. Thanks.


"I wanted to tell you how impressed my wife and I were with the 10:00 service yesterday. We were blown away by the music and the leadership these young kids took upon themselves. We left church yesterday with a feeling of inspiration that neither of us have felt in a long time. Please share this with your family and the band and let them know they certainly touched the lives of those that attended this praise worship service."
-Ryan Olson, Council Member at Grace Lutheran Church in Winchester, WI.

I wanted to thank you for leading worship two weeks ago. The [formerly known] Middle School praise band did a great job. Thanks so much for your leadership. I am hopeful we will see this kind of worship leadership again.
-Pastor Harry Shields, Senior pastor at Calvary Bible Church


  • Tender said:
    logan work on your blogs... Feb 29
  • Tender said:
    Hey guys, tell me when your next performance is so I can come ttyl Josh Feb 29
  • angelaboblitt said:
    Kate! Some of the Middle school kids were listening to BREATHE sunday at church (they like to dig through stuff in my office and found it), and asked about the band. I started wondering what you were up to - did a google search and found this sight! I wasn\'t surprised at all tpo see the Lord has taken your life in this direction. Music sounds great - let me know when you guys are up for traveling to Ohio - we\'ll see what we can work out. Many Blessings, Angela (Hines) Boblitt Jul 26
  • beingblonde said:
    YOU GUYS ROCK MY SOCKS TO THE DOCKS!! I can\'t believe I know famous people personally! (yeah, that\'s right all of you other fans, I know them personally) Keep on keepin\' on for Him! Jul 16
  • DrumsMaster26 said:
    This is a pretty sweet band... like sfmhotties said, you should definitely come see us at Lifest and whatever gigs we\'ve posted. Jeremy Camp\'s not as good as you thing he is. Actually, he is, but come see us anyway. Jul 03
  • sfmhotties said:
    Come check us out at Lifest 2007, 8:30 p.m. Thursday at the Pit. You didn\'t really want to go to Jeremy Camp any way. Jun 29
  • sfmhotties said:
    Nice blog, Logan! I\'m really glad that everyone will know that that scream was me. Jun 08
  • sfmhotties said:
    Nice website, Logan. Now if we could ever get those artistovation people to cooperate with us, we may have ourselves a chance. Jun 05
  • STIEN said:
    Hey guys. Ya just sayin hi. Jun 05

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