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Here Comes The Chaos (New Song Up + Free Downloads!)

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Genres: Hardcore / Metal / Screamo

Location: Chiriaco Smt, CA

Stats: 213 fans / 17,116 plays / 24 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Daniel,TJ,Tyler,Mike,Eric,Mondo


The Epilepsy On The Dance Floor Tour kick off + HCTC is back with a brand new music!!! "Guidelines" EP will be out fall 2011.but for now check out the new song in our music player and our tour dates..spread the word!

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  • taylor said:
    Never heard of you. You guys are amazing. May 19
  • dominhate said:
    Dude good shit! Aug 07
  • RawritsLilly said:
    I threw down to you guys at battle of the bands. (; fuck yeaaah. you guys are fucking amazing live. May 12
  • caleb said:
    fucking amazing May 04
  • mike c. said:
    good shit fellas Feb 02
  • Sasha Grey said:
    Your stuff is great! If you're not signed, u should really consider submitting a demo to our label at http://www.sonicwaveintl.com/demosubmission.html Feb 02
  • Flower Child said:
    Good stuff, gentlemen. Dec 11
  • andypoopoopants said:
    Soundin' SWEET guys!! Oh, and I like your Arsonists shirt. :) Nov 25
  • Scary Amber said:
    fantastic. Nov 21
  • Alix said:
    Fucking epic Nov 07
  • benniRubber said:
    nice shiz!! Nov 04
  • Kevin said:
    Off With Her Head! is my fav song right now Nov 04
  • Emily said:
    awsome!:D Oct 05
  • angelea. said:
    bad company is defntly my favorite Oct 04
  • angelea. said:
    you guys are awsome awsome awsome!!! Oct 04

Words Like Weapons

Jul 19, 2009


No release date


Bonnie, UT


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Atco, NJ


Campville, NY


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Zachary :D

United States


Perrysburg, OH

Aaron VanSledright

Cascade, MI

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