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HazMats (The Hazardous Materials)


Genres: Experimental / Progressive / Pop

Location: Douglassville, PA

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4 tracks

Members: Matt Steck

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The Hazardous Materials "are":
Matt Steck:
Keyboards, Vocals, Drum Playing/Programming, Recording

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VIDEOS: (In Chronological Order)
Just Leave a Message
Why Me?!
Made to Break
Slave to Machines (Challenge Arcade Theme)

About "The Hazardous Materials":
The Hazardous Materials (formerly The HazMats) consists of Matt Steck and whoever else might be needed for backing instruments at the time. So far, the only person to play on an album other than Matt Steck (me) was Brandon Stack (electric guitar, "(Another) F'in Trig". The "band" formed in 2005, "their" first album, "64k", being exclusively instrumental. At that time, the only instruments used were a Commodore 64 home computer running Prophet 64 (free-ware version, no longer available) and a Casio CZ-3000 synthesizer. The following album, "They're Here" contained I don't remember how many tracks, but every track had it's own original lyrics. They're Here has a very simplistic sound to it, the best example on the album being "Just Leave a Message". They're Here contained the original version of "F'in Trig", which is pretty well known to the Daniel Boone High School class of 2006, atleast some might remember it's brief appearance. This album also saw the introduction of an Akai X7000 sampling keyboard, Rebirth drum machine software (taking the place of the Commodore 64), and later a Roland TR-707 (which would replace the Rebirth software).

The third album, "...To the Max", was released just before summer, 2007. To the Max contains 16 tracks in total (quite alot for an album), including a redo of "F'in Trig" utilizing Brandon Stack on electric guitar. This version has a much more full sound in my opinion. This album also includes the track "Why Me?!" which has an accompanying video (see link under "News" section). The sound of this album is more complex than that of "They're Here", with less drawn-out, repetitive songs.

The fourth album, "Made to Break" was released.. well, I don't even remember, who cares. The FIFTH album is almost here! "Real to Reel" is on it's way, and has an interesting sound. Don't worry though, all your favorite awkward 16th notes will still make their appearance.

About Matt:
I'm currently 20, I attend Penn State University and can be easily spotted lugging around a boombox of some sort or heard forcing my music through the FM radios of State College, PA via The Lion 90.7FM. I originally played drums in a band that had more names than hits. The bands most common name was The U.S. Radicals. There used to be a few mentions of us on the web from back in the day, even a copy of our Batman theme cover was out there, but it seems as though it has finally disappeared.




Jan 01, 1987