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Released Jun 14, 2004

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Comments (16)

  • Amber said:
    Ohio is for lovers!! kick ass:) Aug 02
  • Jake said:
    i love this song it reminds me of good and bad times this song is for everyone i ever loved!!!!!!! i love you Chez... Feb 12
  • JOE said:
    i have the cd case but lost the cd. but amazing album Nov 07
  • -Ashley-Dubes- said:
    You guys are REALLY awesome, you guys should put more songs on here, everyone will love you. Aug 21
  • rae_rae said:
    Im really sorry about Casey. You guys are one of my favorite bands and i wanted to see you live so bad, when i heard the news i cried. seriously, i dont know how you guys are coping, but yeah. i really love your music, its amazing. Feb 16
  • jay-me10 said:
    Hey, good album!!! I\'m so sorry about Casey though!!! I can\'t even begin to imagine the pain you\'re going through right now, but I am truely sorry. I\'ll keep you in my prayers and hope that you guys get through this ok!!! Again, I\'m sorry that it happened!!! Nov 27
  • miljones101 said:
    tThe best album in the world. I play it all day and aLL night. I wake up to niki fm and silver bullet ever morning. I go to sleep to Ohio is for lover. Forreal I really do!! But yeah best album in the world. RockStar!! I holla Aug 26
  • p3bblzz said:
    i love tha music its really gr8 i love ohio is for lovers Apr 02
  • Stone Cold Fox said:
    you guys are awesome,keep it up! Mar 02
  • yazoo1313 said:
    Dudes you guys rock!! I lov Ohio is For Luvers!! Thanx 4 bein so gr8!! Luv yeas!! Jan 22
  • with_this_blade_all_my_pain_begins_to_fade said:
    i love your guys\'s music. its awsome and intriguing. i really love the song ohio is for lovers... i used to do some of the stuff in that song so its a little more meaningful to me and i can relate well with it. keep up the gr8 music cuz im lovin it Nov 25
  • said:
    that was like the BEST album EVER!! me Nov 07
  • warpedchic555 said:
    ...~lOvE~... Sep 03
  • Mistral4ever said:
    Ohio Is For Lovers, ROCKZZZZZ!!!! =P Aug 19
  • EMOGIRL911 said:
    ya the song is so awsome Aug 06