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Released Apr 01, 2008

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Comments (13)

  • Hawk Nelson Lover said:
    I WENT TO RELVOLE IN COLORADO AND GOT TO MEET HAWK NELSON! Including my future husband Dan!! lol. He totally loves me! =) I love Hawk Nelson with my heart and soul. Feb 24
  • Changed said:
    sweetness, my bro intro'ed me to the most awsome band in the world. Feb 09
  • bekah said:
    i love u hwak nelson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 26
  • -heather- said:
    hawk nelson is best. you couldn`t get another band better May 22
  • Jorrrddaan(: said:
    YAY!!! another cd of Hawk Nelson what more can a person want lol...I absolutely love you guys!!!! Great concert by the way you never cease to amaze me!! Apr 22
  • I Felt The Need OF Freedom said:
    This album looks so good. Mar 12
  • molly™ said:
    you guys are the greatest! i am way excited for your new album! :] Mar 11
  • awkwardturtle93 said:
    I luv these guys they r one of the coolest people at shows Feb 11
  • Jingles3000 said:
    Oh Im pumped for this album. For a sec i thought Hawk Nelson stopped...IM GLAD I WAS WRONG! APRIL 1ST BABY! WOOO Jan 29
  • Em.Jai.7.90 said:
    lovin\' the new song can\'t wait \'til the new album comes out!! XD Jan 29
  • natemorse5 said:
    I\'m totally psyched for your new album.. Jan 28
  • mac&cheese said:
    dude, your song song friend like that rocks. i cant wait until your new album comes out. keep rockin\' Jan 27
  • Gods*lil*music*girl* said:
    After 4 and a half years...you guys never cease to amaze me. :) It\'s brilliant. Jan 26