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Have Heart


Genres: Hardcore

Location: Wareham, MA

Stats: 858 fans / 19,038 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Ryan, Justin, Pat, Briggs, Ben

Straight Edge hardcore from MA...in vein of Champion and Carry On. Check out our 7"s on Think Fast! Records and Bottled Up Records!


  • Anthony said:
    Miss this band Feb 16
  • young_skywalker said:
    love this band.. Dec 14
  • Tom said:
    because the trees dont pass and these lines dont move Sep 27
  • breannamarieee said:
    doesn't it suck DICK when your favorite band breaks up? fml Jun 13
  • Donovan said:
    This is real Have Heart. It is a really old album though. Great fucking song too. I wish Brotherly Love or The Unbreakable was on here. Mar 24
  • PeeJay said:
    hows about some more songs? Jan 23
  • Brittany said:
    wheres armed with a minddd? is this even the real have heart? Dec 04
  • ndvh. said:
    coldone needs to calm the fuck down. Oct 13
  • jamaicmecrazy said:
    im crazy angry i missed ur last show.well jus wanna say how dope yall are and ur musics the shit and mabey one day if im luky youll come out to play in san antonio. Oct 04
  • michelle rae, said:
    So sad they broke up ): Sep 28
  • hannah said:
    Aug 18
  • snail? said:
    rip:'[ Jul 07
  • COLDONEx said:
    Who cares if they're straight edge? I'm pretty sure a lot of people do, myself included. A handful of songs by them have to do with straight edge, Hunter. Maybe you should go read their lyrics. People don't like them just because they're edge, I'm pretty sure the music in general has a hell of a lot to do with it. Fans just like when they can relate to an artists lyrics. Shut up and go listen to lame fucking Job for a Cowboy, douche bag. You clearly don't know anything about hardcore. Jun 15
  • Hunter said:
    who cares if theyre straight edge theyre mutha fuckin hardcore its what runs through the veins of the music not the musicians. grow up kids Jun 13
  • qu!!iinn. said:
    local love:] have heart is tha shiz Jun 01

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