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Released Nov 30, 1999

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Comments (16)

  • edgeplus said:
    this bands is good! the new screamer is better than jimmy ryan in my opinion only. Jun 07
  • Sierra6Delta said:
  • Lisette said:
    Chorus of angels should be on here. It's awesome. Jun 18
  • screaming.at.michaelâ„¢ said:
    stephen rocks like crazy!!! chorus of angels is the best song ever, and it is frikin easy on guitar!!! Sep 16
  • said:
    steve is awsome, i will miss jimmy becausse i modeled my scream after him Apr 29
  • IAMxLOUIS said:
    I LOVE THIS CD!!!!!!!!! even though i miss jimmy i still think that pressure the hinges is amazing and stephen does a really good job. rock on HTD!!!! Apr 12
  • untiedshustrings said:
    you guys are freaking amazing Mar 23
  • said:
    im still gonna miss jimmy ryan but this album is pretty damn good - cant wait til my pre order arrives Mar 23
  • Lost with out glory said:
    i cant wait to get the ur new CD (im getting it in like 20 mins) i cant wait!!!!! god bless Mar 20
  • sunnyside__up said:
    the song \'stitches\' is amazing. Mar 16
  • SavedByMurder said:
    I don\'t care what anyone else thinks. You guys have always been awesome and you still are, ROCK ON! You guys are the best! Mar 13
  • 1 2 3 4........FLIP!!! said:
    Great song, I can\'t believe that my principal made a mandatory meeting on the same night as your concert, I\'m gonna try my best to skip it, so that I can make the concert, you guys rock in concert! Feb 11
  • silent.revelation said:
    The best song u guys have put out so far by FAR new vocalist way more diverse than your old one, your style has developed a ton 2, and the singing sounds good for once in context! AWESOME!!!! Im buying it the day it comes out! Feb 09
  • metalrockerdude07 said:
    This album is going to rock just by hearing this song I already know that it will rock hard God Bless Feb 09
  • koolhand luke said:
    new screamer is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! different style but amazing Feb 08