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Harvesting Horror


Genres: Indie / Punk / Rock

Location: Everett, MA

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4 tracks

Members: Chris Ferrino (Lead Vocals), Frank Loconte (Bass, Backups) , Ron Demetrio (Drums, Backups) Greg Jandrys (Guitars, Backups)

Late in the summer of 2005, The Farside Frenzy had been long broken up, leaving vocalist Chris Ferrino free with a pile of notebooks and no way to put his inner feelings to music. March of Sound had just broken up, putting guitarist Greg Jandrys without a place to articulate his feelings in the form of innovative, but simplistic guitar riffs. It was in a hung over and quite burnt out ride home from Lake Sunapee that the two got to talking. The Smiths were on the stereo, as Chris and Greg talked about their numerous musical projects and the emptiness they felt after their current projects had gone south. Chris told Greg about the numerous filled notebooks he had strewn about his room and how he had always secretly liked and supported his guitar work. Then Greg returned the compliments with letting Chris know that his vocal lines always struck a chord with him. The two agreed that a single jam would take place and if the chemistry was right they would possibly pursue something.

Originally aiming to be a dark acoustic duo upon the first jam, the two got together in the beginning of the fall. The basement at Chris' house fit the feel of the band and the candles and beer probably played a role in that as well. It was this jam between the two that spawned the name Harvesting Horror and the birth of two songs. These songs were titled "So Cold In Love" and "One Kiss". Excited with the results, Chris and Greg decided to jam again. After a week or so, Greg showed up at Chris' door with good friend Mike Kulka and a 30 rack. The duo had grown into a trio. During this particular jam second guitar parts were written for both songs and some other minor ideas were touched upon. They decided that the songs needed to be fully backed by a band and from there, the search for new members was on. Unfortunately for the trio, the search kept leading them to dead ends, and with a simple call to Greg, the news that Mike was heading off to the Air Force turned three back to two.

With the material witten Greg and Chris refused to stay stagnant. They needed to put their sound out there. With this motivation, more beer was bought and the two headed once again to the depths of Chris' basement in Winthrop, only this time with a computer, some mics, and Protools; their own secluded recording "studio". Within a period of two months the two had finished the tracks and set up a Myspace account. The idea behind this being that other musicians will hear their work and come to the rescue with responses to the thousands of posts the two desperate artists placed. After trying out multiple drummers and guitarists, the two with a clear vision of what they needed, were still unhappy with what had been presented.

Fianlly, a long time friend who had been asked to check out the project about 317.9 times, was finally sent the songs in emails to all of his accounts. He listened, laughed, cried, shit his pants, and fell in love with the project. He offered his arguably inhuman and sometimes frighteningly beautiful drumming skills to the project. His name is Ron Demetrio (also of Proteus). The trio immediately moved into Peabody Jam Rooms (R.I.P.) to room 19, which was once home to Bella Caustic (R.I.P.) and was shared with Proteus.

Ron, Chris, and Greg got right to work in learning each others styles which quickly began to mesh together. New material seemed to create itself. Their sound was a mix that none of them had heard before and they couldnt really place a finger upon a single genre in which to place themselves. Still something was missing.... a bassist.

Once again, another long time friend came to the rescue after being asked 253.64 times to try out. Greg, Chris, and Ron were blown away. Frank Laconte was now the new bassist for the band and added the missing ingredient they had been looking for. His spastic, yet rythmic bass playing along with his knack for melody blended perfectly with the band.

Now in early 2007, "Confessions of Blasphemy and Regret", Harvesting Horror's first album is complete. Tackling ideas of despair, isolation, insecurity, and the pains of growing up and hating it, the character in the album finds the light within the darker parts of early adulthood. Originally dealing with his pain by running away from reality, making excuses, and obsessively drinking, he finally learns of a new way to cope........ Burning slow to ignite hope!

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