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20TEN Tour!!!


Genres: Experimental / Indie / Post Hardcore

Location: Charlotte, NC

Stats: 30 fans / 2,577 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Lee, Jason, Jesse, Tim, Garrett

"...brilliant from beginning to end..." - AP.net

"...a band that is the future of the experimental indie rock world." -PFW

"The Inevitable and I is one hell of a debut" - loyola college radio

Catch Harvard live on the 20TEN tour with Lights Resolve and Empires. See what all the buzz is about.

Harvard Biography:

Originally a post-hardcore band in its infancy, North Carolina's Harvard has evolved into an emotionally captivating and enthralling group of musical artists. That word is important and requires stressing: artists. Because art is the driving force behind everything Harvard strives to achieve. Each song is a color or stroke across the canvas that is their debut release, The Inevitable and I, on Enjoy The Ride records. The musical landscape they create is shaped with cascading guitar melodies churning beneath soft, yet fervent, vocal croons. Their songs are sculpted and woven together meticulously to evoke a personal response from the listener. And their craft is not relegated to the passive listening experience of a travel soundtrack or the background drone found at any social function. It transcends these and culminates in a live spectacle fueled as much by passion and human sweat as it is the desire and ache to share it; because it is what they love. That's what artists do.


  • mtb34 said:
    you guys are tight.. if you dont mind check out my band we just got out of the studio and are trying to get some fans and spread our music www.purevolume.com/theywontlikeit and facebook.com/theywontlikeit Apr 30
  • ElloChristopher☮ said:
    i love your sound it seems to be difficult to find my indie style of band theses days Apr 29
  • Lyndsay Rizzo said:
    you guys are pretty awesome. keep up the hard work :) Apr 17
  • Skyler FLOCKA Milton said:
    Best and favorite band ever! "Creatures walk the earth, all the time.." Apr 04
  • KMcKINNEY said:
    love the tunes guys!!! keep up the good work! Jan 29
  • toria12345 said:
    love what i hear guys. keep it up Oct 04

The Inevitable and I

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Live @ Legit Biz

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