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Non Religious Marriage Ceremonies

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Your wedding is probably the most joyous events in anyone's life, and the couple who is about to get married try every possible way to make this day special and unforgettable.

Earlier, weddings were always carried out in a religious way, and the reverend or pastor would preside over the marriage ceremony in which the couple would exchange rings & vows. Though conducting weddings in a religious way is still common, some couples now like the non religious wedding ceremony. These wedding ceremonies can be tailored as per the wishes of the engaged couple, so it can turn out to be precisely the way they have always dreamed.

In a religious ceremony the priest plays an important part, but he's missing in the non religious wedding ceremonyand this is essentially the most significant distinction between the two ceremonies.

Since it is not a faith based ceremony, the ceremony will not be carried out in a church. You have lots of alternatives in terms of the wedding venue goes. You could pick from a beach, private estates, established wedding venues etc. The wedding and reception can even be held at your house itself, you can hold it indoors, or perhaps in your backyard.

In a faith based marriage ceremony the clergyman plays an essential part, from the beginning, until the couple is announced 'man and wife', but in the other type of wedding the officiant performs the required rituals. The officiant in this case could be a notary, justice of peace, or a person that has the required license to conduct marriage ceremonies.

In a non-religious wedding ceremony, tales concerning the couple can replace readings from the Bible. These could be stories about how the pair met, or what exactly makes them such a good illustration of a couple in love. And rather than hymns being played, the happy couple will be able to use selected music that has meaning to them.

Posted Oct 16, 2012 at 2:56pm