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Mr Pity


Genres: Metal / Rock

Location: Pattaya, Thailand

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4 tracks

Members: Harry (Hamed) -Vocals, Yod-Lead Guitar, Alex- Guitar, Gun-Bass, Hoffkin-Guitar, Sticks-Drums

Mr. Pity are a Revolutionary Rock band the brain child of Hamed aka Harry Pity, born in Morocco, raised in the UK and currently based in Thailand since 2005.

Mr. Pity's debut album, Israeli Wall, is Dedicated to Peace and Justice. The album was recorded and Mixed at Morocco studio in Thailand and mastered in the UK.

"Trumpets brought down the walls of Jericho, time has come for Guitars to bring down the Israeli Wall"

Mr. Pity's vision is to contribute their gifts and resources into helping to make this, our only world, a place of Peace and True security. Mr. Pity are not necessarily affiliated with any individual or group who may lay claim to being affiliated with Mr. Pity except to say that Mr. Pity fully understand, appreciate and acknowledge that everyone has the Universal and unreliable right to put fourth their respective and unique 'world-views' and express themselves accordingly in the True Spirit of Freedom.

Mr. Pity do not, and never will, advocate violence but rather consider their weapons of war to be the very instruments they play and record. Mr. Pity sincerely hope that people accross the world enjoy their unique 'brand' of music, described by some as being a rich combination of of Metal and Rock.

It is Mr. Pity's desire and Great Wish that all peoples of the world will ultimately unite and, once and for all, put a True End to war and conflict with all it's destructive manifestations ultimately being eradicated from the conscious memory of humanity as a whole.

Mr. Pity are currently working on their second Studio Album titled "5 Wire" - so stay in touch and enjoy the Rock!

Peace to You from Mr. Pity, Fans and Crew.

"No Sleep Till We Rock In Jerusalem"



Mr Pity

Jun 09, 2009