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Now available on Itunes,"Blood From A Stone"


Genres: Rock / Metal / Rap

Location: Poconos, PA

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Members: Mozez Flowz, Dan "Vito" Barone, Chris "Mo" Eliat, Ben Wine, Steve Denig and Anthony Paesano

What does HalfLip mean? Is it to have half a say in how you live your life or a joke among drunk friends? HalfLip came about when two friends, who had not seen each other in a while, wanted to chill out and have fun doing something they both loved. Dan "Vito" Barone and Eric Hogan (Mozez Flowz) collaborated together in the summer of 2007 and started what would soon be known as the band Halflip. With a few good songs under their belt, they turned their side project into a main act. Contacting some old friends, they filled the positions of bass (Chris "MO" Eliat), vocals/screams (Steve Denig), turntables (Paul "Complex" Lynch), and guitar (Ben Wine). Finding a steady drummer proved to be a problem for sometime. However, currently they have recruited Anthony Paesano as their drummer. HalfLip has been playing shows locally and out of town for the 2 past years.

HalfLip has been working on developing their sound into a mix of rock, hip hop, and metal. HalfLip has created a unique feel and take on a genre that has been beaten to death by Limp Bizkit. It is music that speaks the truth from their hearts, music that speaks of strength while standing on the brink of losing control. Their songs give meaning to every day life and the struggles that come with it. HalfLip believes that in thier music people will find their meaning. Their music is derived not only from the cruelty of life and the people in it, but also from the good things you can discover with a few good friends and a bottle. Releasing their debut EP album "Nothing Set In Stone" in 2009. Now its 2010 and Halflip teamed up Pay Up Records Halflip just released their debut album "Blood From A Stone" which is available all over the world through Itunes and all other digital distribution outlets.

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Halflip Productions
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Blood From A Stone

Sep 28, 2010


Nov 30, 2008


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