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Hail The Sun


Genres: Rock / Progressive / Alternative

Location: Chico/Ventura, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Donovan Melero, Aric Garcia, Juan Zapien, Shane Gann

Donovan and Aric were friends. Then Juan was their pal. A lot later, Shane was their homie. Now they're all buddies.

Hail The Sun started in Ventura County years ago, but has recently moved up to NorCal, as the members are all current students at CSU, Chico. Influences are drawn from prog-rockers, alt-rockers, hardXcore rockers, jazz masters, and (especially) their local contemporaries, which drive them to create music that will impress fellow musicians, as well as the general public. They're masters of tone balance and dynamic fluctuation, and their memorable melodic structure brings sunlight and sewage waste together in what can only truly be described as reality in audible form.



Hail The Sun

Oct 10, 2009