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Guaranteed Rental Income Protection Plan

Landlords, rental or leasing agencies with a rental unit for rent can now protect their rental income with the rental income protection plan. Landlord, rental or leasing agencies would secure their rental income protection plan for the rental unit or require the tenant to buy the protection plan.

Alternatively, potential tenants would secure the rental income protection credentials prior to meeting with the landlord, rental or leasing agency if there are perhaps issues with the possibility tenant’s credit, or also if the possibility tenant really wants to be as tenant worthy for the landlord, or rental agency as possible.

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Prospective tenants without credit issues would also secure rental income protection credentials to differentiate themselves from other potential tenants when meeting with landlords, rental or leasing agencies. The security plans are made available in two options, first option would be an annual premium paid entirely or second option being premium payments made on the three month period.

When the landlord, rental or leasing agency needs to evict their tenant because of non-payment of rent or for every other reason, the landlord, rental or leasing agency would simply report the situation to RentalLogics and the process of rental reimbursement would begin.

Posted Sep 10, 2012 at 6:16am