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Released Sep 09, 2008

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  • . said:
    In the time it takes to make a thought I got your back and if you think that you would get the point I'd know where your at and If you would do the same for me I would not forget everything it takes to make a choice and leave it at that. Jul 31
  • Mia said:
    Ahh this a awesome song Dec 16
  • -- - nadine -- [glitz & glamour] --- - -- said:
  • Your Boy AL said:
    hell yes Sep 01
  • skateboard t #3 said:
    yo gch i love you guys( no homo)i have not been to see one of ur shows yet but i will wen u guys hit up atl ill be there and cant wait for the album already got the other two peace be self travalin around da world Aug 31
  • Krissie said:
    omg!!! i can't wait for the quilt to drop!! im'm going crazy over here!!! UGH!! why must you torture me like this GCH!? lol. Aug 29
  • Madi said:
    i love gym class heroes! i cannot wait for this album to come out :] wooooot! Jul 26
  • adorrahh. (: said:
    ahh, i can't wait for this album ! (: so excited. Jul 17
  • miss_scissorhands said:
    Super stoked. That's all I can say. Jul 07
  • L♥ve Sh♥cker said:
    Can't wait!! I listened to Cookie Jar on youtube and it sounds great! Looking forward to sept 9th! :P Laters! -Mariana- ♥ Jul 06
  • 2SayAnything(*Else) said:
    SO EXCITED Jul 06
  • RebeccaJeann said:
    cant waiiiit! Jun 27
  • Sara (But I'm so lost out at sea). said:
    :D!!!! Jun 26