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GWAR (god what an awful racket)


Genres: Punk / Metal

Location: Richmond, CO

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4 tracks

Members: Oderus Urungus, BalSac The Jaws Of Death, Flattus Maximus, Beefcake the Mighty, JiZMak Da Gusha

"Billions and billions of years ago, darkness was all that existed. Then The Master, ruler of the universe, created the planets and everything in them. But soon The Master became bored of this and created death, destruction and war. He enjoyed watching the peons die but soon even that became boring, he himself wanted to kill. So he began slaughtering the humanoids that littered the planets face, but that too lost its fun. He needed more of a challenge, so he created God-like creatures with whom he could do battle. But soon there were too many of these creatures, and he had to be rid of them. He conjured up all his power and created the most powerful he could, GWAR was formed. This elite fighting force was called The Scumdogs of the Universe. The Master used them to destroy all of his enemies. Millions of years and millions of battles later, GWAR became more powerful and craved even more power. Thinking that they could take over The Master's throne, GWAR attacked him and the greatest of all battles began. The carnage lasted a billion years before The Master created the ultimate weapon - the Death Pod. The pod swallowed GWAR up and delivered them to The Master.

"Ahhhh, foolish Scumdogs", The Master laughed. After thinking about what their punishment should be, he finally decided: GWAR shall be banished to a miserable mudball planet called Earth...

The Earth rumbled when the mighty Death Pod crashed into its surface. Shaken and confused, GWAR crawled out and looked around. Thinking they could have a nice little planet once its cleared off, they destroyed the dinosaurs. Afterwards they created Stonehenge so they could play croquet, and weren't having that bad of a time. The Master looked down upon this and frowned, what kind of punishment is this? So to stop the nonsense he imprisoned GWAR in an iceberg on the frozen continent of Antarctica.

Millions of years later: 1980ish. Glam rock was at its peak, groups like Poison and Whitesnake were dominating the airwaves. They inspired a whole slew of new "hair spray" bands. But little did they know, all of that hair spray put a hole in the ozone - right above Antarctica! Soon the unfiltered gamma rays melted the iceberg and GWAR was free.

Meanwhile, Sleazy P. Martini was fleeing the country on drug charges, flying over the former tomb of GWAR. He picked them up and brought them back to America. He taught them how to use instruments and they learned the language from watching midget wrestling and MTV. Soon GWAR was known as the greatest band in the Universe...

Unsatisfied with being worshipped by humans, GWAR still wishes to take revenge on The Master. They discovered a way. If GWAR could summon the World Maggot, they could ride it back to the center of the universe and finally defeat The Master. The World Maggot is a large maggot that lives in the center of the Earth, the only way to wake it is to slaughter millions of innocent people. So, taking advantage of their newfound fame, GWAR puts on shows to which their fans flock. They murder and mutilate these fans, show after show, until enough blood is spilled to wake the maggot."


  • charles scott said:
    if your trying to defeat the master you slaughter idiotic fans summon the world maggot then use more idiotic fans to attack the master i will join the fight Oct 13
  • Em[]T![]nS / / said:
    hhahahaa sweeet Sep 23
  • Snuggleblade said:
    Free Song Downloads @ purevolume.com/snuggleblade Apr 23
  • JaySicka. said:
    You guys were beast with JFAC. Nov 16
  • ReaptheMusic said:
    and i think david sucks cuz who the fuck says 'YALL'? i believe david can suck my fat dick and drown (X Oct 22
  • ReaptheMusic said:
    25 years of some of the best shock rock in this universe and i dont see an end to their music anytime soon!! \m/ Oct 21
  • Jon* Rules said:
    These bunch of incredible super studs have rocked panties around the world and will soon be the all knowing all powerful being of existence....with the occasional wedgie Jun 16
  • MoMo said:
    oh and GWAR please please please come to australia May 27
  • MoMo said:
    to 'david' ... everyone has different tastes in music, but if you dont like em FUCK OFF! you dont need to make your annoying little presence known with such a comment May 27
  • Valluhree:) said:
    gods going to kill u. Nov 19
  • CradleOfCannibals said:
    Yeah GWAR!!! played an awesome show last week altho very drunk and cant remember but yeah GWAR!!! Nov 15
  • IndiePixie | My mummy bought me a book on vampires ^-^ said:
    OHHH MYYY GOD!!!!! GWAR is the best!!! Thank yous sooo much for the downloads, I've been trying to find them for aaages to download! =] Aug 12
  • tommy said:
    come 2 mich n fuc some animals Aug 04
  • David said:
    YALL SUCK Apr 27
  • headbangnow54 said:
    Great show you guys played a few weeks ago in New Haven, kinda sorry that we killed that pregnant lady though....ahh who gives a shit! \\m/ Dec 28

We Kill Everything

Nov 30, 1999

Carnival Of Chaos

Nov 30, 1999

scumdogs of the Universe

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War Party

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