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Guttermouth Pro


Genres: Punk

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Stats: 553 fans / 36,513 plays / 23 plays today





6 tracks

Members: PIG

Shave The Planet - 2006

Purchase CD or Guttermouth-ShavethePlanet

Eat Your Face - 2004


Covered With Ants - 2001


Gorgeous - 1999


Live From The Pharmacy - 1998


Musical Monkey - 1997


Teri Yakimoto - 1996


The Album Formerly Known as a Full Length LP - 1996


Friendly People - 1994



  • noBODY said:
    one time many years ago i saw u crazy fucks in pittsburgh, pa and then drove to cleveland ohio the next day to c u play there and i dnt fuckin no what year it was cuz im to old to remember now! but my point was that in pittsburgh it was insane and i couldnt even move there were so many kids, and the next day in cleveland there was like nobody. i sat rite on the stage, it was cool though you guys rocked the place. but still cleveland sucks cock! Jan 22
  • Meghan said:
    i saw you guys at the social in orlando. you were, like always, amazing. i had fun watching you guys puke on stage and fight about cig smoking. :] keep the good music flowing and i'll be there at your next show Aug 05
  • The Popular Nobody said:
    I love how you think this is all a joke xD. Your music is like...so fucking hilarious even if you never meant it to be. It's so fucking catchy. Apr 16
  • The Popular Nobody said:
    Something is WRONG with you guys! Hahaha in the BEST way! Apr 15
  • rad skater dude said:
    dude ur show at the galaxy was friken amazing radskaterdude Jun 16
  • chad_503 said:
    you guys fucking rock!!!!! Jun 13
  • elsalsa22 said:
    Add Comment here... May 27
  • kayt3 said:
    you guys are the shit. quite possibly the best band in existance. no shit, i love you. you should definatly put skaters anthem on the site though... Apr 16
  • Jerrbear said:
    hey you guys, i love your music to death!! keep at it. Feb 19
  • J LO beotch said:
    I had you guys on a comp CD called~Give em the Boot !!!~ the CD\'s gone but that was a fkn good song Feb 15
  • asdasd said:
    seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Feb 07
  • meepedz said:
    You guys should definitely put Skater\'s Anthem up on the site... I really like that one and would forever be grateful... Feb 05
  • avalanche said:
    we skate to you guys!! madlove Dec 16
  • avalanche said:
    i love you guys Sep 23
  • said:
    you guys are rad. Aug 23

Shave The Planet

Nov 30, 1999

Eat Your face

No release date

Volcom Entertainment

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Tweak Bird

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