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Gunner's Daughter

True Brotherhood


Genres: Punk / Post Hardcore / Pop Punk

Location: Chicago, IL

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4 tracks

Members: Chris-Guitar/Vocals, Ramos Bass/Vocals, Blake BAM Drums, Jason Gutair

Expected Spring 2014

The Flowers and The Earth will be the 4th release, first full length by Gunner's Daughter.

The Flowers and The Earth is a trip through real life stories of the band’s members. This is the most personal record that they have ever written to date. There is an underlying theme of life and death, with the consequences of right and wrong placed subtly throughout.

People come and go from our lives too often. Friends and family pass, old friends become distant, lives are lost, and personal battles are forged. We cope in the only ways we know how: love, hate, drugs, alcohol, sex, lust, escape. At the end of the day realizing all we need is one another.

Flowers are living, breathing creatures and a constant reminder that we are surrounded by beautiful life. The earth, dirt and elements of the like are our final bed and resting place. The Flowers and The Earth is the story of the uneasy landscapes we are forced to navigate from start to end.