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Robert Dunn

New Vid: Me burning 'Impressions' by John Coltrane


Genres: Jazz / Experimental / Classic Rock

Location: San Jose, CA, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Robert Dunn - Guitar/Vocals, Steve Sykes - Drums, Steve Ho - Bass

I was born into the sort of family that made me want to stay by myself in my room practicing guitar & writing songs. Somehow I developed this mindset where I felt drawn to the surreal/abstract so I gravitated and absorbed music that was being produced that was exactly that way (psychedelic, Hendrix, Doors, Beatles, etc.) By 1972 I began studying jazz and as I progressed through bebop, hard bop, modal and into the 'avant garde' or free jazz I not only began to absorb these genres but became completely unmarketable at the same time. Other areas of the music business didn't interest me so I just kept developing on my own my own musical approach. I did put together many musical units mostly in LA, New York, and where I currently reside - the San Francisco Bay Area that did attract some attention and this is what I am continuing to do to this day.