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Growin Up


Genres: Indie / Rock / Acoustic

Location: Nashville, TN

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Members: Caleb

Caleb Kinch was born in Denver, Colorado in 1985. He started taking piano lessons at age 10 and by the time he was 14 decided to pick up the electric guitar. He started writing songs and throughout the next four years had already written over 20 songs. "Growin Up" began as soon as Caleb started self-recording his songs on his Digitech GNX3 guitar effects processor in late 2005.
Growin Up is the name of Caleb's solo project, but he is currently in a band with four of his friends back in AZ. They are called Honesty's Fading, and are working on getting their first EP out sometime this fall. You can check them out at myspace.com/honestysfading and purevolume.com/honestysfading.

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  • why217 said:
    hey kinch, how is life? did you see friggin meese was featured, he got like 3000 plays today! but he still doesn\'t have the purevolume presence you have. And finally the view from here finished their demo and put it up on myspace. Apr 18
  • longdistanceloveletter said:
    hero Mar 28
  • jonzilla3 said:
    You, my friend, are an amazing guitar player. Feb 21
  • camybrmc said:
    good Nov 16
  • camybrmc said:
    good Nov 16
  • camybrmc said:
    good Nov 16
  • its not that i miss you said:
    Add Comment here... Aug 21
  • why217 said:
    I think purevolume is back to normal now May 03
  • Sarasara said:
    hey wow! u hav a track called FIG TREE! lol tats wikd, nd its a kl song 2... ur musics slightly different 2 wht i usually listen 2, but its pretty kl ...its rly gd actually... sara x.x.x Apr 08
  • calebkinch said:
    Wow, 143 plays so far! This is most ever in one day! Mar 13
  • why217 said:
    Have you seen who is featured this week! Mar 06
  • why217 said:
    frick yah, 72 plays so far today. Feb 20
  • n8puppy said:
    i like what i here... Feb 17
  • why217 said:
    Wow! I love panic at the disco. Do you sound like them? Feb 16


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