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  • Aidee Udo-Akagha said:
    Switched from rap to rock thanks to #where you want me# rock on dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feb 26
  • Tianna. said:
    You guys are great! Jan 20
  • abbeyrose said:
    great music! god bless Sep 03
  • Ian said:
    hey guys. it's ian. i met you guys at Miracle Camp this past week. it was great getting to know you through your love for God and your music. it was also great playing basketball with you. you guys are really good at that too. sorry we didnt get to finish our 2nd bball game though. i just wanted to say that i apreciate you guys playing for us at camp. ok have a good one and keep praising the One True God!!! Jul 12
  • jes said:
    you guy's just bring joy to my ears!! Apr 04
  • blink 182rocks55 said:
    went to the concert in ponca city it was awesome you guys rock Mar 14
  • dakota56 said:
    Yeah the Ep is awesome I bought it too! Feb 28
  • iluvJC>lexi said:
    hey guys! i heard you all on WAYFM this week. I absolutely love Let Go. It's so good! Keep it up!! :o) Feb 23
  • m.s.p said:
    Hey guys!! I bought your EP this week and I really looooove it!!! It\'s absolutely amazing and I\'m deeoly impressed!! Jan 04
  • sous003 said:
    hey, idk if yall can answer stuff or w/e. do yall have cds for sale at ur shows?? usually ppl do, i was just wondering. thakns Nov 13
  • shanedn said:
    Found you guys on purevolume and purchased your new CD yesterday. Very unique sound, the wife and I love it! Oct 19
  • KPonotcapo said:
    hey! you guys are hottierockers and im wondering if there is a way for me to get a hold of one of your cds? i want to bring your music into my church and possibly use it for some reflection with my WYD 2008 Aussie group..... let me know! ~Kate Oct 14
  • nino said:
    dudes please put that where u want me back up....it was awsome n i heard another version but i liked the one u had on here better....and on myspace. as well i wanted it for my profile song but it was deleted...urghhh please that song was awsome......thanx raul god bless Oct 08
  • koenigking said:
    You guys should add Revolution to you playlist, best song EVER!! Aug 21
  • ClarisaNess said:
    You guys should definitely come to Corpus!!! Clarisa Mar 30
  • m.s.p said:
    you guys simply rocks Mar 06
  • Kathryn said:
    Woah...here I am looking up some Billie Holiday, and what do I find? Grey Holiday...and you guys are tight! MUCH LOVE TO YOU! Feb 27
  • brokenbutstillplays said:
    you guys rock!! Nov 17
  • *that crazy german* said:
    w0w, i really like.. Oct 16
  • *that crazy german* said:
    w0w, i really like.. Oct 16