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  • Jimmy said:
    I likeee. ♥ Feb 18
  • goodboy1 said:
    Green Day ist die beste Musik, die ich je gehört habe! Green Day is the best Music, I´ve ever heard! "Basket Case" and all other songs are Great! Feb 17
  • Viva La Rock! said:
    Welcome in Valentine's day with the new Sparks The Rescue music video "We Love Like Vampires" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC-imF1r89U Feb 11
  • Viva La Rock! said:
    In honor of their one year anniversary, the Mandee store in Clifton, NJ is celebrating with a party. Performing at this celebration are our good friends, Artist Vs. Poet! Stop by the Mandee store between 5-9PM to celebrate and don't forget to enjoy a FREE live performance by Artist Vs. Poet! Feb 11
  • keantis said:
    nothing is better then old green day american idot is just gay and retarded special since its going on broadway for opera punk rock "cause its a new kinda music" no thats just gay Feb 10
  • David said:
    Hey if you dig these guys go check out a band called "While You Were Gone"! Feb 08
  • tenguki93 said:
    love the band. 21 guns is #1 Feb 02
  • cezar savaris said:
    nice band.. Jan 31
  • ♥~Emo Chickk~♥ said:
    love your music Jan 24
  • Lindsay said:
    21 guns is the best ever. Jan 21
  • fellowshredder said:
    Keep it up dudes Jan 20
  • krystle19 said:
    love green day... =) Jan 19
  • ectic sk8 team kenny cook lol =D said:
    green day you guys are sick Jan 15
  • himynameishayden said:
    malachi burn in hell green days good Jan 13
  • said:
    you guys suck go to my page and click on my band for something new and amazing Jan 12
  • krystle19 said:
    i love these guys....!! Jan 11
  • hat man said:
    LISTEN http://www.purevolume.com/GoodNightLights Jan 08
  • Xx_Juggalo_Babe_XD_xX said:
    i love your new album... expecially 21 guns and mostly the rest of it lol!! amazing music.... Jan 06
  • Last Ghost said:
    i guess people just dont know good music like the guy below me fuk him you guys are the shit cant wait till rockband greenday hits stores Jan 06
  • Jake Calkins said:
    You guys are the biggest fucking fag on the planet Jan 05