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  • Katy Johnson said:
    check out Dream Sequence. They've got a free new single out. It sounds pro. Apr 17
  • huh nahh lol :] said:
    u guys r awsome :] Mar 25
  • lol hahaha hehehe lol said:
    I Love Green Day They R Is So Awsome Mar 23
  • ChuKy Charles said:
    If you like Green Day, check out my band! =D www.purevolume.com/questionnoanswer Mar 20
  • Bass freak said:
    add boulevard of broken dreams!!!!!!!! Feb 09
  • Ryan Hidayat said:
    wooww nice !!!! Feb 06
  • cone said:
    green day se volvio una cagada,tocan temas re maracas, el que sabe de musica sabe de que le hablo!!!! Feb 03
  • Avrie Joe Armstrong said:
    Green day Is The best ... !!! Jan 09
  • Bobby Tarino said:
    awesome guys check out this rock/alternative/indie/punk/blues band called The Gentlemen Powerhouse. http://www.purevolume.com/gentlemenpowerhouse release the Gpower Dec 29
  • xxLesterJohnxx said:
    this has been my favorite band since elementry i freakin love them :) Dec 28
  • evelyn said:
    this has been my favorite band since elementry i freakin love them :) Dec 17
  • Riley :D said:
    Post Horseshoes & Handgrenades!!! :) Dec 10
  • Aubree said:
    Love you guys! Dec 07
  • Cilas said:
    Green Day :) Porto Alegre o/ Oct 29
  • darwinmukejelek said:
    WOW!!! Oct 20
  • Ryan From Vendetta Skies said:
    For people who like this band, check out My band! "Vendetta Skies" we just finished our album and have it up on iTunes! http://www.purevolume.com/vendettaskies listen to some of the songs on our purevolume and become a fan! Hope everyone enjoys it! Sep 23
  • Pancho said:
    Rock From Argentina ! http://www.purevolume.com/karrara Please Become Fan Sep 10
  • MFClint said:
    Get a behind-the-scenes look at the “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” music video and at MTV and Yahoo’s Behind the Lens. http://www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/2010/behind-the-lens/index.html Sep 07
  • Kyle Levinsohn said:
    if all time low and blink 182 had a baby it would be www.purevolume.com/theridedown i promise you'll love it! Aug 22
  • ĐђЄgд pЄęшЄęgдśКĨѝš said:
    everyday is green day...!!! Aug 19