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  • mike dalls said:
    it is always nice to hear from you Sep 26
  • Julie London said:
    The music presented was just marvellous. This is a station that I, for sure, will listen to in the future. Sep 23
  • osmoe said:
    well done mate Sep 22
  • monty said:
    just one word-impressive :) Sep 05
  • vashikaranindia said:
    great May 03
  • diecuttingbelt said:
    great greenbier Apr 23
  • blacksocksandsideburns said:
    burnin' gas and kickin' ass Apr 23
  • stfuthnx said:
    so i totally met you guys in arcadia a while ago... anddd yeah i got your demo cd and some pins and stuff and i have some pictures :] May 28
  • illrockyoursocks said:
    you guy\'s remind me of blink 182 you rock May 01
  • armor for sopHH said:
    you guys are like histarical..love you! :) Apr 30
  • wishuponastar06 said:
    Wow! awesome stuff, you guys kik butt, please make The Death of Death downloadable, love you Apr 14
  • cheyrock said:
    love you guys sooooooooo much!! Apr 14
  • a shot of mo said:
    ya kinda sound like \"new school\" green day, or maybe i just had a green day mindset cause of the name; who knows Apr 11
  • COTUR - vocalista da banda JOHN PEOPLE said:
    super legal o som , JOHN PEOPLE (BRAZIL) Apr 11
  • cHinChillA said:
    haha hilarious. u guys are awsome Aug 13
  • StupidChocolates said:
    Why isn\'t all of Shely there?! I love that song! May 24
  • StupidChocolates said:
    Ong! I love you guys! May 18
  • stokemeister said:
    You guys gonna tour!? Come on out to Tucson..honestly, we need rock like this out here! Mar 07