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Greeley Estates Warped Tour 2008


Added Sep 04, 2008



Comments (10)

  • t-bone said:
    u guys r tight- havta tour oz Jul 02
  • kelsiii said:
    wow i showed my friend this video and he wants to fuck you guys!!! really bad.. lol... this video is sooo amazing!!! Jun 14
  • curtis said:
    you guys are soo sick. The part at the end of the vid is soo intense where the guitarist does that spin! Dec 04
  • Alizabear said:
    :D i was there in the front for the shoreline show = which was the part in the beginning and all the parts ryan wearing plad :]] you guys were AMAZING Nov 22
  • chAosismyname said:
    ya. I was there. It rocked. :D you guys are amazing!! Nov 03
  • Brittany_luvs_Daniel said:
    omg i just can;t believe how much i fell in love with this video. if yall plan on being at warped tour next year tell me so i can c u!!!! :} Sep 06
  • Brittany_luvs_Daniel said:
    i just love u guys.i hope that i get to c u guys soon in concert! :) Sep 04
  • Just Rachelle said:
    u guys weer sick in St.Pete Fl this year best performance there no doubt lol can't wait for the next show down here (hopefully realllllllllllly soon ;]) Sep 04
  • ZachAttack!(Music IS me) said:
    You guys hit the hardcore on the head with a nail. You get better every time I see you on the net. Way to be YOU, boyz, you know what you're doin with all of this. Keep goin strong & GOOD LUCK ON THE ROAD dawgs!!! c ya 9/15 at The Door. Ps: Telle'zAKickassMoFo =) Sep 04
  • Kaley Owens said:
    amazing performance!!!!! one of the best sets this year!!!! it sux u guys are only coming bac on the 11th and thats a thuresday. pleeeez come bac and party w/ us florida kids cuz we r hella hardcore! lol Sep 04