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Greeley Estates Pro


Genres: Post Hardcore / Rock / Screamo

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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7 tracks

Members: Ryan, Brandon, Alex, Brian and Telle

Our new release, "No Rain, No Rianbow"" is available for pre-order now!Pick it up on iTunes or over at SmartPunk and get a free t-shirt!

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Be sure to visit our Myspace page and let us know what you think of the record!

Greeley Estates




After much anticipation and touring, the newest record from GREELEY ESTATES is here! Featuring 11 new tracks of high intensity emotion, the new album "No Rain, No Rainbow" will prove to be a highly successful follow-up to the bands critically acclaimed previous release "Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East."

"We Couldn't be more happy with where we are right now in our careers and withour music" said Ryan Zimmerman, co-founder and front man of the band. "This record is the record we've always wanted to write, and now feel like we have a team that can back it up."

"No Rain, No Rainbow" hits stores January 26th!

Greeley Estates is:

Ryan Zimmerman - vocals
Alex Torres - guitar
Brandon Hackenson - guitar
Brian Champ - drums
Telle Smith - bass


  • Sheri Prügivedu said:
    Great music! Feb 14
  • Josh said:
    Great band and great music. Jan 03
  • tomorrowsalreadytrash said:
    Greatness May 18
  • iamthedarkness said:
    yes this band is wonderful Feb 27
  • Alex said:
    o well hi there my pimp gina. thanks for introducing this band to me man.... Feb 27
  • iamthedarkness said:
    i love this banndd omgoshh they don't get enough credit Feb 27
  • Atomic.Sexxx.Kitty said:
    Yo brutha' man ;D The song "Y'all With The Vampire Squad?" doesn't work for free download, just thought you should know :p Dec 16
  • R Dallas said:
    amazing. saw you guys at warped and then the plano centre front row both times Oct 26
  • BreathOut~Evan said:
    Wiiiin ;D Oct 18
  • 4nDr3W said:
    you guys need to put i shot the maid on here! Oct 11
  • Tanner (: said:
    Aaaamazing :D Sep 26
  • george tuca jr. said:
    holy shit...!thats the word ..for this band...amazing Aug 06
  • Cman :p said:
    smoking is bad guys n_n Jun 14
  • Caleb Jeddis said:
    If you like Texas in July or I, the Breather... Check out PROPOSAL - http://purevolume.com/PROPOSAL May 11
  • Caleb Jeddis said:
    Check out this band if you like Texas in July or I, the Breather! :) http://purevolume.com/proposal Apr 01

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