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Great Glass Elevator


Genres: Experimental / Rock / Psychedelic

Location: Orange county, CA

Stats: 289 fans / 44,308 plays / 45 plays today





4 tracks

Members: david, andrew, josh, barrett, matt

We just hit 20,000 plays and David grew this crazy beard. Let's make it 40,000!

Great Glass Elevator has something for everyone! Girls and boys alike.

Into hearing childrens choirs sing about poisoning themselves? Check out the breakdown on "The Cinema vs. the Circus".

Hyper-paced gibberish-spewing cowboy-style pop songs about the effects of ecstasy on the human brain and the pleasures and pitfalls of drug addiction your thing? Give "Drugstore Cowboy" a listen.

A true story song about the time our singers former significant other called him while she was in the bathtub holding a very much plugged in and turned on blow dryer inches above the water and bawling that she was going to drop it in unless he convinced her otherwise? Well, for that one you'll have to try "Off With Her Head".

Signed, GGE


  • look for the girl with the sun in her eyes ☼ said:
    lol david :] do you still work a spring view? i used to go there d: Dec 27
  • ausumly amazing! said:
    your lyrics are so deep! ive sat here readinfg then over and over trying to understand what you wrote them about. when i truely let myself think i come to realize even just a little part i am blown a way. i have to ask though,some event had to happen to make you write these lyrics. Jun 13
  • xhoboXmorganx said:
    you guys are awesum! hey barrett its morgan javans friendlol. Apr 05
  • Just_Some_Asian said:
    you guys are great! and you\'ve added new songs since i last looked at your page. yay ^_^ Apr 02
  • zow said:
    Add Comment here... Mar 31
  • said:
    you guys are only 1,734 plays away from having David grow his crazy beard #2 Mar 12
  • SandCastel said:
    Oooo! You guys are sooo cute! =D Feb 18
  • ninja_turtles_rock said:
    that cover of pathetic is awesome Feb 04
  • bass_dave said:
    u guys rock!! off with her head is an amazing song. very touching. very nice Jan 03
  • tutupah said:
    Add Comment here... Dec 08
  • Far From A Masterpiece said:
    help us out and give our songs a spin Thanks for your support Nov 21
  • luvbuglarae said:
    oh man i loove your music. never stop rockin! Oct 07
  • disco_b4_death said:
    ya\'lls music is psycho amazing! Oct 03
  • annalece said:
    I can\'t wait until the halloween show Sep 30
  • tim123 said:
    i like ur sound i think that ur amazing and i am goin to buy all of ur music!!!! Mar 06

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