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3 Golf Net Designs To prevent At All Costs - Which Are The Biggest score

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There are plenty of choices out there available on the market for golf nets, and unfortunately, many of them are terrible products. One often wonders when examining a few of these nets if they specified for by golfers! Listed here are 3 designs to prevent no matter what, and some considerations to help you find a quality net.

driving range netting

1) The "Too Tight" Design- If a golf net is designed with a backing that's extremely tight, then only 2 things sometimes happens with this net. First, the ball will ricochet back at you! Second, if you hit it tough enough, it won't ricochet, it will tear.

I suggest taking a close look at testimonials for nets, watching comments about rebound and ricochet. Obviously the harder you hit the ball, the worse it will be.

2) Polyurethane Sheet Backing- There are a lot of designs of golf nets which have a polyurethane sheet because the portion of the net in which the ball is hit into. You might visit a target painted on these more popular designs.

golf range netting

Polyurethane sheets are less resistant against tearing than a quality nylon net, and may fray, tear, and rip in just a few hits for the way hard a golfer hits the ball.

Another thing to consider about these nets may be the loud noise that happens when you strike the sheet at the rear of the web using the ball.

3) Cheaply Priced- Everyone wants to get more for his or her money. However in the situation of golf nets, cheaper is almost ALWAYS worse. Read testimonials carefully for cheaper models, and you'll probably see people complain about hitting the neighbor's house around the 3rd shot in to the net! Beware.

Quality Golf Nets- A quality golf net will have a sturdy nylon netting, or a proprietary design and fabric for that netting that's nice loose in the reason for impact.

Setting up the poles and taking them down needs to be an easy process too, or else it's just an excessive amount of an inconvenience. An average designed net will have poles which are assembled similar to a tent, with interlocking sections of a pole with flexible bungee in the middle of them. Often you will see stakes to place in to the ground when outside too.

Other high quality designs may have interlocking aluminum poles which are easy to disassemble and put up, with much better quality.

Posted May 22, 2012 at 3:29pm