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Go Play in Traffic


Genres: Ska / Rock

Location: Melbourne, FL

Stats: 14 fans / 4,398 plays / 28 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Neil, Mike, Patrick, Andrew, Kyle, Kennon, Bob

New CDs are here. 13 tracks on what is called "No Motivation". A perfect name for the significant amount of time it took to complete it. They are $8 and can be picked up at our shows. We got some shows coming up for the winter of 2005 and January 2006. We'll be playing with our Liquid Cheese pals in February and newer shirts should be coming real soon! Keep on truckin'.

Go Play in Traffic Consists of:

Mike - Guitar/Vocals/Trumpet
Patrick - Bass/Vocals
Kyle - Trombone
Neil - Drums/Wooden Marimba/Percussion
Andrew - Alto Saxophone/Vocals
Bob - Trumpet
Kennon - Tenor Saxophone/Bari Saxophone/Keyboard/Guitar

Go Play in Traffic is a seven piece ska-rock band from Melbourne, FL. They have many influences such as Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Catch 22, Liquid Cheese, Five Iron Frenzy, The Forces of Evil, Suburban Legends, and lots more. They have opened and shared the stage with some well-known bands such as Suburban Legends, The Spitvalves, The Know How, Unsung Zeroes, Bum Ruckus, Long Shot Hero, The ASOB, Bensin, and of course, our good buddies, The Querf. They have a unique style where it switches on and off to new age ska-revival to rock with awesome wicked horn parts to lift your butt out of your chair and shake it till the sun sets, please read on...

UPDATE: New songs for you guys. These will be on the new cd along with many others. It should be out soon
Purevolume is being gay and is only letting us put three songs on the site to listen to...We don't want to pay for PureVolume Plus either cause we're poor.
FYI. The albums "Let's Take a Seat. . ." and "I've Got No Motivation" was really recorded in my bedroom, by amateurs in the recording business (namely us). That is why they are not outstanding recordings. However, there will be more songs coming and the quality with them has skyrocketed.
If i did actually say anything about the band it would be lame for I am not good at stuff like that, the history section on our website is good. go to our website, its better.
*Check out Neil, Kennon, and Mike's side-project band at www.purevolume.com/whatthefat



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  • Rocker_4_god said:
    hello haha me and my friends will be taking pictures where you are becuz we go to andrews house every sunday for small groups with his mom. [ he has a very nice dog] and i will be trying to get to the show tonight Dec 09
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    Wow your good and happen to have the same name as me except ur a band and im a fan. lol you guys are good. Mar 10
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    so what are the chances that these beautiful boys wanna have my babies? Mar 01


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