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  • This Is A Story Of A Girl xxx said:
    I love you and you rock i bought the cd and when i herd the Acustic version of I love your existance i almost melted....i was wondering if you could mabee make it avalibel for download I promise i will forcce everyone i know to listen so they will fall in love(even my cat) xox thanks Feb 16
  • Flangenbolanise said:
  • xsimplyemox said:
    you rock. yeah pretty much. Feb 15
  • Aidswe said:
    Nice sound!! I like it! good work mate! Feb 15
  • celina-x said:
    Add Comment here... Feb 14
  • awakeneddreamer5 said:
    keep rockin\' faces off! Feb 14
  • lilianguidini said:
    since i hearded i can\'t stoped!!!you\'re roxxx xxxxxxx Feb 14
  • SMFish21 said:
    Ok, you are amazing and I wish I could meet you. Feb 13
  • This Is A Story Of A Girl xxx said:
    ohmygawsh YOU ARE FROM Poughkeepsie as am i .. =o Where can i see you somewhere close to home Te-he I have listend to you for a relle long time but i just recently figured out where you were from. So now i wanna see you Live ?? P.S Your CD kicks rocks!!! Feb 13
  • princessxsparklexpants666 said:
    I frickin LOVE \"i love your existence\"!!!!!!!! good work!! xxx Feb 13
  • eMoHeArTs said:
    Feb 13
  • mootzy787 said:
    wow, honestly, your music amazes me. You have such a HUGE amount of talent to b able to do all of this stuff by yourself. I wish i could buy your cd, but there is a lack of money on my part because i\'m a college student. As soon as i have money, your cd will be one of the first i buy. excellent music dude, and i hope you make a lot more. P.S. is there any way i can i get your old demo? Jan 21
  • masqueraded beauty said:
    heyyy! im your friend on myspace!! love your music as always Jan 18