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  • Brittney said:
    wow, this is amazing! ♥ Mar 07
  • Sparkling Snowflakes ♥ said:
    looove :) Feb 14
  • Angela said:
    Insane musician! LOVE HIM Feb 01
  • Emily said:
    wow! your freakin amazing! haha i love it!:) Jan 03
  • BeeAnguish said:
    Goot music is the best! Dec 12
  • Samantha Lee said:
    I forgot how much I loved Asleep at the Wheel. Gotta love Purevolume! Nov 30
  • GAO Ying said:
    love your songs Nov 05
  • Matt Beer said:
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  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    lovvee youu! (: Aug 11
  • bonfire- said:
    you're more than awesome :) Jul 21
  • Maya said:
    Hey, Alex!!! Jul 18
  • Keelz said:
    holyshittt. nice voice kiddo. Jul 15
  • Caitlin said:
    You should really sell sheet music to your songs--the originals and covers. ESPECIALLY the Adele Medley. :D I would love that sooo much and I bet your other fans would too!! ;) Jun 26
  • Aubrey Arnold said:
    i just got your autographed poster in the mail :D Jun 25
  • ElaineDelaney. -bands; fucking stop. k, thanks. said:
    you are the most amazing man alive. truly. Jun 24
  • Jeanne Vachon said:
    Please Check your emails!!!! Waiting to hear from you! P.S. You have an incredible voice :) Jun 21
  • Tiny said:
    nice voice :) Jun 12
  • AprilMusicFreak13 said:
    your awesome on youtube! :D keep rockin it! Jun 05
  • B.R.O.O.K.L.Y.N.N.♥ said:
    I think you are my new favorite. Your voice is so absolutely amazing. Youre adorable and your music is like heaven Jun 03