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Going Nowhere: The Band


Genres: Acoustic / Rock

Location: Dover, NH

Stats: 1 fans / 219 plays / 4 plays today






Somewhere in the secluded area of Dover, New Hampshire in the year 2006, a group of talented musicians formed something beyond their wildest dreams. It all started when a desperate drummer (Tyler Donlon) looking for some action met an acoustic guitarist (Collin McBride) with the same ideas and passions as he had. From that moment on, amazing things started to happen. The two of them recruited one of the best vocalists they had known for the past two years--Tom Campbell and also welcomed Meghan McNamara as the amazing violinist we know her as today. After a few setbacks with some other band members over the course of two months, Steve Dunham joined Going Nowhere as its bassist and brought a whole different level of skill and necessity that the band desperately needed. This fivesome of extremely talented people could not have met at a better time.

They started to play at school events and Coffeehouses, but in reality, decided to take their excitement outside of the school campus and into the minds and hearts of everyone who wanted to listen. For a makeshift band that was only supposed to last one month at most, Going Nowhere now finds themselves in the middle of their eighth month diligently working on perfecting their debut album and preparing for their biggest show yet (Stratham Hill Park, see shows).

The goal of our music is to not only entertain you for approximately half an hour of music, but also to relate to the lives that everyone leads. This record is about the beauty, the inconsistency, and the heartache of love. It gives people a chance to listen to the lyrics and think about who they are and who we all should become.

As Going Nowhere finishes their time in the recording studio, they are ready for the next step. They promise that this record will be one that you will listen to in your car for hours at a time. We're ready for anything that comes our way! Are you?

Going Nowhere is:

Tom Campbell - Vocals
Collin McBride- Guitar/Vocals
Meghan McNamara- Violin/Xylophone/Vocals
Steve Dunham- Bass
Tyler Donlon- Drums

---> Going Nowhere