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Genres: Punk / Pop Punk / Rock

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Members: Nicolette, Aixa, Betty, Michelle

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Passionately tuneful, pure pop-punk anthems, created by four self-proclaimed chiquitas picantes.



NO ONE IS REPLACEABLE read a sign on the rehearsal wall. Female pop-punk quartet Go Betty Go was in a day-to-day grind, trying to craft new material for their first full length albumbut it almost never happened. The toll of almost a straight year of ceaseless road work had left them shredded, particularly lead singer Nicolette Vilar, who had grave doubts as to whether living in a van was any life at all. And musically, each member had a different idea about a direction for the new recording. By January of 2005, when they set up in the studio to write, the band had nearly torn itself apart.

It made it hard to work together, guitarist Betty Cisneros said. There were at least two completely different approaches for the album, and Nicolette was so discouraged, we didnt even know if she was going to stay in the band. We decided to go through a band therapy session. It was really difficult.

But no pain, no gain. And through the tough work, Go Betty Go developed a band philosophy embodied in the four word motto on their rehearsal wall. They closed ranks, and spent the next months writing and recording the new album. We discovered a whole new method of writing, says Cisneros. I realized, said Nicolette, that I had a lot to offer, and I became a much better writer.

When female pop-punk quartet Go Betty Go crashed out of a Glendale, California garage in 2001, they easily assumed prominence in the always booming, aggressive Los Angeles rock scene. Sisters Nicolette and Aixa Vilar (vocals and drums, respectively), the powerhouse force-of-nature guitarist Betty and bassist Michelle Rangel, Go Betty Go gigged an average of sixteen times a month. Their disparate music interests (Betty loves pop and rap; Nicolette Brit pop and indie punk; and Aixa and Michelle punk and classic rock) gelled into one compelling whole. Fans quickly recognized that the bands emphatic punk rock and solid original songs carried an undeniable ring of conviction. GBGs profile was steadily heightened with a series of appearances on bilingual Latin rock television station LATV, radio broadcasts and feature articles in periodicals from La Opinion to the LA Weekly.

Following 2004s well-received debut EP Worst Enemy, GBG continued their impressive rise with a series of non-stop coast-to-coast appearances, not the least notable of which was inclusion on the Warped tour (which theyll repeat this year). Their music is popping up everywhere, from video games like the Fantastic Four, Burn Out 3: Take Down and Sims 2 University, to commercials, films and TV shows like MTV Punkd , One Tree Hill, Spring Break: The Movie and The Entertainment Tonight Insider. Theyve also been featured in the pages of Alternative Press, Seventeen Mag, L.A. Times and numerous pubs en espaol, such as La Opinion, HOY and Latina, where their Hispanic heritage is celebrated.

With the release of NOTHING IS MORE, Go Betty Go meets the promise of the past four years of work. Produced by Flogging Mollys Ted Hutt, NOTHING IS MORE is a rich exercise in high-octane pop-punk, leavened with several differing moods and sounds that add nuance and dimension beyond the groups well-established approach. Themes of desperation and hope are thoughtfully explored, particularly on opener Saturday and the stunning Runaway, where Nicolettes strong, clear-toned vocals are delivered with perfection. The Pirate Song goes off the beaten path with a tongue-in-cheek magnetism, enhanced by the Pogues James Fearnleys accordion and Hutts banjo; A handful of GBG stage show staples are finally capturedCrumbling Down, Donde Voy No Hay Perdonbut its the new material that really expands on the promise the band has shown from their earliest days.

The results are indisputable. From the whimsy of Im From L.A., (they say im lazy...im always late/ full of excuses...im from l.a), to the dire, real-life urgency of Get Out, Go Betty Go is not merely reaching out, theyre grasping a dynamic expanded musical vision. Hutts production, by turns big and brash , textured and intimate, complements the results with an ideal mixture of sheer scope and subtle guidance, revealing Betty as masterly rock guitarist, Michelle as a bassist of conspicuous acuity, with Aixas drums delivering both Richter scale jolting power and understated restraint. Topped off by Nicolettes evocative vocals, NOTHING IS MORE documents this extraordinary band at a critical point in their career, successfully combining longtime fan favorites with ambitious new techniques for a dazzling set that is not only impressive, it also demonstrates that Go Betty Gos intoxicating passion and promise have really only just begun to blossom.



  • PLOCKBOY said:
    I luv U grrrls... KEEP ON ROCKIN'!!!. xXx Sep 18
  • Evan Hopkins Kurker said:
    we should all meet up in Utah so i can marry all of you at the same time! Jul 30
  • ace_castillo said:
    amazing amazing amazing!!! LOL!!! ^ ^ Jun 28
  • Sammy Yo Mammy!!! said:
    I love you girls, ah, women!!! I have been rocking GBG for the last four hours while I have been cleaning house!!! You make it soooo much better for me! Humboldt County loves Go Betty Go and so does Sammy Yo Mammy!!! so Go Betty Go!!! Feb 28
  • Sammy Yo Mammy!!! said:
    I love you girls, ah, women!!! I have been rocking GBG for the last four hours while I have been cleaning house!!! You make it soooo much better for me! Humboldt County loves Go Betty Go and so does Sammy Yo Mammy!!! so Go Betty Go!!! Feb 28
  • BrittenXpunk said:
    your guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 02
  • rellum_muller said:
    you guys are awesome.. i saw you at warped a while ago... PLAY MORE SHOWS. Sep 14
  • alinanra said:
    girls, you rosk. Aug 27
  • Tori = ] Ann said:
    i love you guys!!!! an all girls band that actually knows how to play....finally. hell yea! Jul 29
  • makotonidas said:
    Love u girls ^^ U rock. Jul 26
  • katie731 said:
    Hey Guys, My name is Katie and I am a Band Service Agent for the Western US Region of the 2007 Bodog Battle. I came across your website and I think your would be a great addition to the competition. I thought your song Saturday If you%u2019re curious about what the Battle looks like in action, check out the Bodog Music Battle Of The Bands TV Show, which airs every Wednesday on the FUSE network. Sign up now and you could be a part of it! Jul 13
  • DJ ROCKIT said:
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    u girls rock Jun 15
  • said:
    See u girls in highland park on SATURDAY* May 28
  • Mandy[Misery] said:
    you girls are sooooooooo cool u deffinitely know how to rock hell yeah May 06

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