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gmon marianas


Genres: Reggae / Rock

Location: Saipan, Northern Marianas, USA, MP

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4 tracks

Members: Glenn H. Manglona

Pacific Sounds album by GMON and the Latte Stones is from the beautiful island of the Marianas. The island of Rota is where gMon is from. (gMon-Glenn H. Manglona). And the guys who help make this happen are as follows:
1. Richie (Richard S. Manglona)
2. Tom (Thomas D. Mendiola)

The CD will be release this April 25, 2006 and will be available at Amazon.com and guamgifts.com and in GUAM and SAIPAN record stores. It will also be made available thru Amazon.com, Guamgifts.com or by contacting gMon at the email address below.

Special Thanks to Terrence James (TJ) Manglona: Musical Arranger
Mr. Sam Jorner from PIE studio and Al Taitano contributing his talent as a bass player. Marilou Gariquez-piano;Jesse Elameto, DJ Fitial, Joe Deleon Guerrero and Ace Elemeto. You guys are the badest in Saipan.
Special Thanks to the Sponsors: Mr. Mahito Ota of Villa Sarah and Mrs. Kim from
Thanks to my beautiful daughter, Krystal O. Manglona, backup artist for the song Nana which will be out soon under Limited Edition Album. And to Amber, Tisa and Jr. I love you.

To my beautiful fiance, Elizabeth (Becky) Cepeda for her support and understanding. I Love You So Much.

To my mom, Florencia H. Manglona, my sisters, Evelyn and Diane and their husband Brian and Tony. Many thanks to Gwen and Robert & kids for their support. To Garen for providing the initial venue to record my demo-thank you Bombo'. Special thanks to my bro, Eddie H. Manglona for his positive critique and Terry Attao.

And to my special friend, Abraham E. Taisacan for his spiritual advice. To all the boys at As Paris in Rota-Thank you for your support in this project.

I love you all always,
gMon-Glenn H. Manglona email: lutamasmauleg@yahoo.com