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Glitch (UK)


Genres: Emo / Indie / Pop Punk

Location: Leicester, United Kingdom

Stats: 261 fans / 49,735 plays / 54 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Kris, Drew, JimmyGrey, James

Be the first your copy of "The Gambler" online at AMAZON.CO.UK

"The Gambler EP" Released in all UK strores

Quality, Mature rock tracks with a youthful energy that oozes stardom, shining out of every pore. Simple, yet effective, Glitch turn dark issues into powerful hitting head nodders" METAL HAMMER August 2006


There's quite a buzz around Leicester quartet Glitch. Averaging just 18 and with radio 1 already playlisting their zeitgeist-hugging blend of angst and melody, they've already found a large fanbase among the myspace generation and with one listen to "The Gambler" its not hard to understand why. The quartet play to an audience for whom 'emo' isn't a dirty word and wearing your heart on your sleeve is par for the course. 'Land awkwardly' is dripping with anthemic melody, 'Simply Beautiful' is full of 'I miss you tonights' and 'How to pull a fast one' is all jagged, stabbing guitars and breakdowns. Young, good looking and talented... Bastards!

KKKK! Review from KERRANG August 2006

Glitch also score a covermount feature of August's edition of Big Cheese Magazine with compilation position!

Recording plans for the end of the summer... Watch this space!
We would like to say a huge thanks to Matt Leppanen, Ville Leppanen and Tom Lewis for producing "The Gambler" and making all of this possible. We hope to do you guys real proud in the Future. ROCK!

Thanks a million

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  • kruhks said:
    Hi, bought your EP by accident! But I am by no means dissapointed! Absolute quality. Harks of Aiden, AFI, a little bit of Placebo on How To Pull A Fast One, and many more. Look forward to checking you live, as you\'re only down the road from me! Mar 12
  • Sonnymooreisagodd said:
    =) Jan 28
  • xanthony1000x said:
    yo, i went to the glicth house party for the release cause im cool, anyways what you lot been up 2 recently? and how is jimmys pig? x Dec 06
  • Oh~my~gosh! said:
    Marry me! please! Nov 18
  • C1plus said:
    plz tell me ur cd comes out in the US u guys are really good !! Oct 16
  • maid said:
    land awkwardly is a fucking shit but i love borrow a hero because i know how self injury can hurt Sep 09
  • maid said:
    omg i love u so fuckin much plz plz let ur cd also come out in germany (is that correct??) hey, theres a pic on my hp of glitch ;) do you wanna see? http://pic5.piczo.com/drogen/?g=17064800&cr=5 Aug 15
  • rewindbuttongirl said:
    oh wow! you guys rock! Aug 01
  • xeveryxclichex7 said:
    love it. Jul 20
  • EmoDudekid said:
    hi glitch im that boy that u see quite often at Queni Park u guys rok! i wana see u in August. Im the 1 wiv the MCR t\'shirts and blondy brown mop head my names Joe bye! Jul 20
  • x_love_hurts_x said:
    wahey mr monkey lurvvvvvs yoo... :-) (random but hey) xxx Jul 18
  • Reality Is A Bore said:
    oh my lord i am sooooo hooked you guys are amazing ace wicked dudes!!!!!!!! keep it going!!!!! Jun 12
  • Reality Is A Bore said:
    you guys are great..why havent i heard you before now??!! Jun 07
  • said:
    Heya, You guys rock sooo much.. i love your music... oh can you please come to london... or even better Bedford... or MK... or anywhere close by... All my mates love you too xXx Apr 28
  • helloent said:
    you guys rock! Apr 23

The Gambler

Jun 05, 2006

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