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Glass Intrepid


Genres: Alternative / Rock

Location: Houston, TX

Stats: 281 fans / 41,691 plays / 42 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Bryan, Corey, Reed, Robb


  • sameoldfeelings said:
    hey guys i saw you at java jazz a couple weeks ago. pretty awesome :) see ya later Sep 12
  • Sunset Dementia said:
    Saw you guys at the meridian on saturday, awesome show. Hope to hear that great sound again soon. Aug 12
  • Alphasee said:
    You guys are amazing. I hope to see more of your music; I don't want to see this band disappear, and I also hope to see more from you guys! Mar 27
  • Megan said:
    i love yall! i saw at buzz fest in houston in october..and fell in love with yall...yall are all really cool...thanks for the pictures and autographs.. Feb 10
  • SimplieJenn said:
    hey! i saw you at Warped Tour like 4 days ago. you guys were amazing. i didn\'t get a chance to talk to you cuz my friends dragged me to go see someone else. Jul 18
  • wrap_your_tool said:
    yall did amazing at the warped tour in houston today. good job guys. Jul 17
  • Norma-Jeane said:
    heyy! how are you guys doing? well u guys kicked ass at warped yesterday! much love! norma Jul 14
  • emilyxthexstrange said:
    Hey i met you guys at Warped tour \'06, remember I was the girl who didn\'t have a myspace.... :) well i finally got one. so..um..yeah i listen to your cd alot cause it rocks (it\'s also a great break up cd) and i guess i\'ll try to catch one of your shows sometime, peace.... Apr 17
  • laurenwagner said:
    I saw you guys at bridge city a while back. It was my birthday and it was very very amazing. :]:] Apr 16
  • CAR-E__08 said:
    Add Comment here... Mar 20
  • sugarlandshowgirl said:
    Ok at the Hometown showdown on 2.10.07 what was the listing of all the songs yall sang. Cause i knew most of them, but then there were a few that i\'d never heard and completley loved. Feb 11
  • makedamnsure101 said:
    yay i am so happy u are performing at houston tonight i am excited. thanks yall rock Feb 10
  • AshleyChau said:
    dood! i heard about that show with 3DG and army of anyone.... you guys rock! it\'s so rad seeing how far tyou guys are getting! woot! Dec 09
  • xobrokenxinsidex said:
    Add Comment here... Dec 07
  • leahbobeahh said:
    I Love you guys Nov 23

Glass Intrepid

Jun 18, 2007


No release date

Victoria Arauz

Houston, TX

Jesse Adkins

Rayford, TX


Harleysville, PA


Fort Worth, TX


Conroe, TX


Cut Bank, MT


Belton, TX


ParaƱaque City, Philippines

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