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Glass Casket Pro


Genres: Death Metal / Hardcore / Metal

Location: Winston Salem, NC

Stats: 2,473 fans / 159,183 plays / 18 plays today






Members: Adam, Blake, Dustie, Ian, Sid.

Glass Casket's New Album "Desperate Man's Diary" In Stores June 21st!

Hailing from North Carolina, Glass Casket continue to impress people from all over the world with their take on both hardcore and death metal. With 2 members of
Between The Burried And Me in their ranks, Glass Casket play some of the most innovatively technical yet catchy metal out their today. Make sure to buy this album!


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  • ☮ale☮ said:
    :D Oct 14
  • Damien Dalton said:
    Fucking Immense Apr 29
  • fariz bau said:
    \m/ Jan 12
  • Justin said:
    Great Music! Stay Brutal!! Jan 12
  • (= Blake Walsh =) said:
    I'm sorry you're dead. Bite the curb. Snap. Dec 22
  • Rockenstien said:
    Thank you for actually "keeping it real". Awesome. Nov 19
  • Earl Wayne said:
    You guys are so underestimated and I'll do my best to change that! You guys are the complete shit for real!!!!!!!!!!!! Oct 22
  • Kati said:
    wow....this is amazing..like, just wow Oct 07
  • TRAD said:
  • Rubberduck said:
    wow you guys rock!! your the first true sounding death metal band I've found today all the other ones are those pansy crap bands that just play in drop A with drop A power chords!! nice work!! Jul 01
  • CHECK OUT aDYiNgBReeD!!! said:
    please check out aDYiNgBReeD...they need attention and feedback on their music!!! ADB combines music/vocals anywhere from "punk" - "deathcore"!!! THNX ^^ http://www.purevolume.com/adyingbreedband May 17
  • Dustinator67@yahoo.com said:
    wats up May 04
  • The Skyline Surrender said:
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