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Girl Vs Ghost

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Genres: Rock / Pop / Punk

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Stats: 43 fans / 878 plays / 4 plays today






Members: Amber Morris - vocals. Tristan Waight - guitar. Chris James - guitar. Dylan Jones - drums. Tyler Joass - bass.

Girl Vs Ghost formed in 2006, but it wasn't until late 2008 when guitarist Tristan Waight was diagnosed with cancer that the band truly discovered who they are. Fresh from their very first self-funded east coast tour, Girl Vs Ghost battled through their toughest year as a band while Tristan battled his illness; all the while continuing to play constant shows, write new material and record demos for what eventually became their first official EP 'Eye For An Eye'. After a years' worth of cancer treatments, financial strain and a string of members who couldn't handle the pressure, Girl Vs Ghost emerged a new band, complete with a new line-up made up of original members Amber Morris on vocals, Tristan Waight on guitar, Dylan Jones on drums, and newbies Chris James on lead-guitar and Tyler Joass on bass. Armed with a 'never say die' attitude and a collection of their most finely crafted songs, Girl Vs Ghost are ready to prove to the world who they are and why they won't give up on what they believe in.

The 7 track EP 'Eye For An Eye' chronicles the bands' journey through what they hope will be the worst year of their career. It demonstrates their defiance and refusal to be beaten with the single 'Eye For An Eye' (which is accompanied by an official video clip), progresses through to fear & vulnerability with 'Horror In A Hospital' and 'Nightmares', but most importantly embraces the message of hope with the catchy, up-beat 'HeadUpHigh!' Layered thick with vocal hooks, huge riffs and a good dose of punk-rock influence, 'Eye For An Eye' is an ambitious release from this Victorian five-piece.

The EP also features special guest bass player Ryan Keinle from MATCHBOOK ROMANCE (USA), who discovered Girl Vs Ghost on MySpace and liked them so much that he offered to record bass tracks for them from his studio in New York. He plays on every songs except 'Nightmares'.


  • Mary said:
    Ncie!!! Jul 31
  • john said:
    you guys are hot! Jun 07
  • Luce,, said:
    I love your songs :D totally going to see you at one of your shows! love luce xx Jan 04
  • Jessie said:
    sweet tunes guys; might come check use out a gig sometime ;D take care xx Nov 30
  • Original veeh © said:
    oO" its sounds REAALLYYY goood. (: i don't know many good bands with a chick singing (Y) Nov 26
  • Kimbah Anne said:
    Amazing. Nov 24
  • Jasmine said:
    wow you guys sound awesome Amber has a great voice Nov 24
  • Kirby ~ Frozen--Eternity-- said:
    You Guys rock. too bad i cant see you live i live in Brisbanbe >. Nov 24
  • EmmARGH! said:
    I love you all times a billion :) Nov 24
  • Kirsty said:
    You guys rock, your sound is amazing!!!! Nov 23
  • Gem said:
    I Nov 23

Eye For An Eye

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