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Genres: Alternative / Progressive / Rock

Location: Grove City, PA

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4 tracks

Members: Joshua, David, Thom, J\'Ahn



There's mountains of press from the EP but these are my faves...


Life in Binary CD

7 songs of raw power is what GEOGRAPHY brings with this incredible release. Its produced by Jeff from SADAHARU so that might give you an idea of the style youre getting here. Indie-influenced hardcore is the best way to describe it, but GEOGRAPHY finds a way to break free of the binds that hardcore music sometimes places on bands and they prove that they arent afraid to branch out and try new things. This is some seriously powerful and catchy shit. Definitely worth picking up. (MWB)
(www.universalwarningrecords.com) ~ AMP Magazine

Mars Volta meets Taking Back Sunday. Rocking! ~ Transworld Surf

Geography L1fe 1n B1nary

It is a real shame that this cd is only 27 minutes long. There is so much good going on here. From the vocals that remind me of early Replacements albums, to the explosive guitar riffs and the great recording, Geography has an honest sound that is rare in todays swarm of bands. As I listen to this I cant help but think of Sorry MA, Forgot To Take Out The Trash. It has the punk elements, but also has the elements that helped define that early Alternative scene. Ive already listened to this like six times and it doesnt get old. It is an impressive offering that will ring with older fans as well as strike with the Screamo fans. It is a sound that should transcend the ages of the fans and just hit the spot of people that love heavy music. (CD)-Myk ~ Under the Volcano

"Life in Binary" brims with sonic fury and aggressive guitars that will tear through any ideas you had about playing guitar. Produced by Jeff Briel of Sadaharu, Geography's album takes a bigger, harder, and sometimes more melodic look at heavy, progressive indie rock. Think Fugazi, think the Catheters, and you've got a good idea of the ballpark these ferocious pitchers like to play in.

"Life in Binary" is chock full of exploding rhythms, hellish screams, garage rock guitars, and distorted bass. Throw in some hardcore influences for awesome fun (thouroughly designed to get the fists pumping). For some, this record will rock from begining to end. Key tracks include the gut-ripping title track, "Life in Binary," and the jagged Unaimed. 4/5 ~ Pulse Weekly

GEOGRAPHY - Life In Binary (Universal Warning) Intense is a good word to describe this record. It explodes, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start with some history: Geography (other than being a class that is no longer taught in any high school) is a four-piece outfit from Pennsylvania. Geography mix current schools of screamo with older Gravity Record-era sceamo - believe it or not two totally different sound. One is more furiously emotional and metallic, the other more hardcore, based on DC emocore. Still, they make good use of dark, emotive choruses, with their Fugazi-ish call and response hooks - crashing them up against vicious breakdowns or 300 beats-per-minute spazzcore. A must for fans of Angel Hair, or even the more modern Thursday or Neil Perry. (July 14, 2005) ~ www.feastofhateandfear.com


For At the Drive in fans looking to fill the void left by this American aural arsenal, please head to the Geography CD-Life in Binary (Universal Warning Records). The 7 scorching songs provide power, passion, & precision while avoiding unnecessary pomp, pretence or posturing.

The fiery 4 piece & their cast ask How can rock n roll not save you? The tunes present confirm that this crew are sonic saviours of the globe of guitar gusto! This geography lesson will wipe the floor with a host of metal marauders, & for raucous rebellion this is the real deal! ~ Ents 24 (UK)


Boys bring Screamo noise; EP

Leaves you wanting more.

3 of 4 stars...

Winnipeg Sun - Haiku Review by Darryl Sterdan

From Massachusetts (ha!) comes Geography, a four piece indie band that flat out rocks. Geography is a very straight forward no frills band, what they possess that most lack is a key musical ingredient, emotion in their music. Just listening to the very raw recording of Life In Binary you can hear the conviction and heart in the music.

Geography is for fans of bands like Cru-Jones and maybe even some open minded Thursday fans. Life In Binary provides a perfect cross-section of heavy, desperate, and rocking indie full of enough heart to have you pulling your hair out singing along by the end. One thing is for sure, Geography will soon be much more then just a number. ~ Mike Watson breakingcustom.com

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We're writing now for a full-length that we'll be recording in Summer/Winter of 2006


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