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Before trying to explain to you what Geoffrey Paris is all about, i need to get something out of the way.

All my life i have listened to others tell me what "they" think i should do, how i should do it, who i should be, and how i should be it. I think it's cause i am a Pisces and i am so in tune with other people and there emotions/opinions, that sometimes it fucks with mine. Trying to make it in the music industry has brought these issues to a whole other level. Ur manager, your fans, even your friends give you their opinions on what your doing wrong, what your doing right, what u can fix, what should stay the same. I'm sure many of you go through this on a day to day basis, even if your not attempting to become a superstar.

I am personally inspired by so many different kinds of music, people, places, and serial killers, that sometimes my style, image, and over all personality seems to bounce all over the place. Kind of like a kid in a toy store for the first time, or like that sweet old lady on speed in "Requiem For A Dream". This has been known to confuse some people, or make people think that i don't know who i am as a person. That's one thing i have been told before: "You don't know who you are". And of course after hearing something like that, I would ponder to myself "Do i know who i am"? Then i would go on to hear people call me a "Copycat", "Wannabe" or say things like "You look better this way". These kinds of statements from so many people have FULL potential to emotionally confuse someone. Obviously it is important to listen to feedback, opinions, and constructive criticism. I believe that is what can potentially help us all better ourselves in one way or another. But at the end of the day i ask myself a few questions before considering changing b/c of what someone else said: "Will i be happy?" "Do they have a point" "If I do want I want, am I gonna fuck myself over?"

Aside from the music, the glamor, the photos, and everything else relevant, i wake up every day with a mindset of wanting to learn more about the world, meet new people, and experience things that i haven't experienced yet. Kind of like the saying "Live this day as if it were your last". Well, some people disagree with the things i want to learn, the people i want to meet, and the things i want to experience, and that's when they all tell me what "THEY" think i should do.

How do you live your life everyday to its full potential, when you are doing what everyone else wants you to do? You're living "THEIR" life, not yours. Obviously if u are a drug addict, and your life in in a downward spiral, and all your friends and family are trying to get you to stop, then this message doesn't exactly apply to you, but at one point i bet it did. I believe that if you live based on another persons opinions or feelings, then u are gonna reap the consequences of the decision that person made for you, weather good or bad. But if u decide for yourself, then you will reap the consequences of the decision you made for yourself, thus learning your own life lessons... I like the second one better.

Every day that i wake up, i make sure that i am living for me and nobody else. Your style, your opinions, your life lessons, the people you associate with, the things you do, the people you do, the places you go, should all be a result of YOU and nobody else. Sometimes while i am getting ready, i wonder "Well will everyone else think i'm fierce"? Sometimes, while i am producing a new song i think "Well, will everyone else jam out to this"? It doesn't matter. If YOU approve, then it is perfect. People say to me that if you wanna be famous, or make lots of doe, then look this way, or sing about this, or make music like this, or go about it this way. After being around the "NEED" to be rich and famous for so long, I eventually forgot that i make music, indulge in fashion, and do makeup b/c it is my passion, and it makes me happy. Its not about getting famous or being rich. Even tho it would be great to be another internet celeb like Jeffree Star, Tila Tequila, or Christine Dolce, I would never invest so much emotion into getting to that point b/c what if it never happens? At least i can say i had fun trying and i did what i loved right? life is way too stressful and confusing already, without added anxiety. I think my demented but magical world of Louis Vuitton, glitter, orgys, teddy bears, blood, and electro music keeps me sane (If u can put a limit on sanity). People get easily confused on the fact that my style and look goes left and right, up and down, in and out and sometimes i don't make any sense. But what makes sense nowadays?

I do believe i am too hot for one gender, i do believe i might be an alien from some long lost world of twisted fashion, i do believe i could have possibly popped out of a Japanese anime at some point in the past, and i do believe that Barbie might be a long lost relative of mine. But i don't believe i should theme or brand myself into something that can be copied or described. How do u describe something like Geoffrey Paris? If the answer is just plain Fierce or just silence in your skull, then u are definitely on the right track. Many people call me a Chameleon, and even tho i certainly hope i don't look like one, i know i can definitely rock a few different looks, and own each one. That's what confuses most about me. I'm not your typical sellout to one or two looks, products, or colors. Gonna be Geoffrey Paris for halloween? Good luck picking from my closet of hairstyles, outfits, makeup techniques, contacts, and personalities to go with as an accessory. I personally enjoy the fact that i can't be copied or labeled, (labels suck)! I enjoy the fact that my friends, family and fans are always wondering what the fuck comes next. I call myself "Limited Edition" b/c one look only lasts so long, then i'll be inspired by the next thing (prolly off the Disney Channel) and off to my next Aesthetic destination. They should just come out with a "Malibu Geoffrey"!!!

When u think of Geoffrey Paris, think of:

Not just one kind of fashion, but all kinds. Especially the kind of shit Lady Gaga might be keeping in her closet.

B/c bright colors usually mean bomb ass electro music, and i just happen to produce some.

Do i even need to explain?

B/c if my mind was a real world, that's what it would be full of X infinity.

As far as my music goes, i mostly sing about drugs, sex, homosexual matters, clubbing, dancing etc. But that's just b/c i write lyrics based off of whats going on inside my mind. So it sounds like there is quite a party going on in there. I sing about whats in my heart too, so i wrote a song about blood. I'm sure you will hear it when i decide to stop cracking dumb jokes.

If u dare to learn anymore about me, below is a list that may assist you.

March 20th 1988 in a dark, back alley behind a club.

Limited edition & undergound, sarcastic, stuck up, Pisces/Aries, Christian, A living anime character, Too gorgeous for one gender, Everything you hate to love and everything you love to hate

music, the conservative go into cardiac arrest, and sweet, loud, passionate love

makeup, skip church on occasion, want weed legalized, need therapy

Listen when you talk, recycle, give a shit, have parents, have a dog or cat, wanna marry you, or believe its not butter

friends & family, a personality/image disorder & internet

hate, Jesus, boyfriends, the bible, sex, contradicting myself, jealousy, tattoos, sex, super mario world, blue yoshi, sex, porn, kissing, dancing, hair dye, sex, dilfs, Smart cars, singing, modeling, and sex

love, boyfriends, boredom, Jelly w/out Peanut Butter, AIDS, The Jonas Brothers, cancer, Sidekicks, bad reception, infomercials, stubbing my toe, coming down off of coke and heroin, & the ending of "Titanic",

Orlando bloom, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Megan Fox, Ashton Kutcher, Collin Farrell, Nick Snider, Stewart Townsend, James Franco, Gale Harold, Shia Labeouf, David Beckham & STEFANIA GABRIELLA GERMANOTTA… all at once.

Stewie griffin, Angelica Pickels, Regina George, Courtney Shane, Kat Stratford, Nancy Downs, Madaline Ashton, Helen Sharp, gogo yubari, Elle Driver, Venessa Lutz, Catherine Merteuil, Sebastian Valmont, Lisa Rowe, Sara 'Sway' Wayland, Brian Kinney, & Dizzy Flores (THEY ARE ALL LEGENDS IN MY BOOK)

Dj Christoff, Plastic Martyr, Matthew Lush, Brandon Valentine, Alex Shaw, Boysean, Alexis Arquette, James St. James, Dj Keoki, Larry Tee, Amanda Lepore, Bobby Trendy, Cazwell, Kenny Kenny, And Richie Rich of "Heatherette", Chris Donathan, Johnny Droid, Stevie The Great, Plastic Precious, Marlon from "Velvet Code", Ron Underwood from "Opiate for the Masses", Shayla Beesley, Liam Kyle Sullivan (aka. Kelly "shoes"), Jamais Vu, Andy Hartmark, Brian Patrick Wade, The Triplets, Aldo Vento, Megan Dee, Bridjett, and anyone who isn't a complete dumb ass!



  • abusedchildO.x said:
    You're music is amazing ^^ my friends said 2 of your songs are my theme songs now lol anyways I shall always be a fan of your music. I shall love it forever ^W^ Nov 08
  • Scenerawrrr said:
    Dahvie Vanity and Geoffrey Paris --> two biggest idols I LOVE YOUR MUSIQ!! Whether you're getting crunk at an all night party or even doing somthing as nonchalant as driving, Geoffrey Paris's musiq will rock your fuckin world!! xD Jul 17
  • Chelsey Wilson said:
    i absolutely love you and your music :3 Jul 06
  • ......:P said:
    love your music xD Apr 21
  • t☢xiccha☢s said:
    i absolutely LOVE your music Mar 24
  • CupCake_Nayda said:
    ammmazzing thats all i got to say Mar 22
    god, haters.. haters can suck it. ily, your amazing, and dont let anyone tell you different(: Feb 23
  • Hannie Claire. (PicForPic) said:
    Love It[: Feb 18
  • MollyMorphine said:
    oh em gee i love you :) you're likeee uber cool ^^ Feb 15
  • Screamo Serenade said:
    Don't listen to Palm Springs Stuideo,she's jelous b/c of how amazing you are. Feb 03
  • Screamo Serenade said:
    Dude,your my idol. Feb 03
  • Chelly Belly(: said:
    loveeeee(: Feb 03
  • Rawr! said:
    :]awesome Feb 02
  • Young Favorite of T. Mills said:
    GORGEOUS AS FUCK first off and love you music ♥ Jan 30
  • XRauLopezX said:
    FUCKING AMAZING. LessThanThreeBaby Jul 13


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