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Nine Great Tips To Keep Your Phone Battery Strong and Charged

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The Droid Incredible by HTC is a superb smartphone. It's feature rich and make on the Android system. But to find the most use out of your new phone, you will need to learn about your battery and how to get the most power from this. Here are some tips that will help you smartphone batter possess a long and useful life.

Should i charge the battery things i first get me phone?

Your phone ships with a partially charged battery so it's recommended you charge your battery fully just before initial use. The battery is totally charged once the notification LED becomes green. It is suggested to charge the power supply for 8 hours the very first time to make sure that the battery has already established lots of time to recharge.

Which chargers can one use to charge my cellphone?

Just the provided AC adapter and USB sync cable ought to be combined with your phone. Don't use other charges that aren't made especially for you phone.

Precisely what should I do when the device's standby time seems to be reducing?

Standby time will differ, for the way you use your cell phone. Turning on and operating wireless functions for example Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will use in the battery quicker. Long-duration calls, camera application, Web connection, and more will use up the battery in a faster.

Why does the telephone warm up when I'm recharging the power supply?

It is perfectly normal for that device to heat up throughout charging. After recharging, it'll return to its regular temperature. It is perfectly normal for that device to warm up whenever you are operating exactly the same function for a long time, such as making long calls or recording an extended online video.

Why doesn't my own battery talk-time and standby time be as durable because the quotes?

Battery function depends many circumstances, including your wireless service provider's network setup, signal strength, and also the temperature from the environment.


How do you maximize the battery power?

Battery performance is susceptible to many issues, including network configuration, signal strength, the temperature range of environmental surroundings, the features and/or settings you select and employ, items attached to connecting ports, as well as your own voice, data, along with other program usage. To improve battery performance you can easily turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile network, Wi-Fi, notifications, along with other options that you do not use often. You can also reduce the screen brightness or the screen timeout setting.

The length of time should it decide to try charge my battery?

Your battery can take up to 3 hours to completely charge while using AC charger. It will take a great deal longer while using USB charger.

Why will my device not power on?

Your battery may be used up or perhaps is seated in the smartphone incorrectly. Try removing and reinserting the battery. If unsuccessful, consider charging the unit while using AC charger. Once charged, the sunshine changes to green.

Precisely why will it take such a long time to charge my device through the USB?

The USB cable works as a trickle charger, therefore it will take more time than should you be using an AC charger. As the USB will work, it is suggested to use the AC charger.

Posted Jun 09, 2012 at 5:51am