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Generator Ohm

On Tour / GenOhm's debut, Upon the Me Om I, available now!


Genres: Alternative / Rock / Experimental

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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Members: Ernest D'amaso, Mikopolis Morales, Willie Chen

Generator Ohm is Ernest D'amaso, Michael Morales, and Willie Chen. Generator Ohm enters this frontier as pioneers of a new landscape. We are not here to define what's to come. We are not here as liaisons of what came before us. It's not a new subject to say that a musician seeks a new identity, separate from their influences and seeding to a whole genre for themselves. But, it is a new identity that is being forged, as we stand with instruments in a world that's begun closing its eyes to the people standing beside the machines. OK, computer, your time has come.

Generator Ohm's debut album, Upon the Me Om I, is an aural panacea against the spirit of sloth settling in digital sediment. We play with dirt and find creatures of life between our fingers. We jump the tires and see with closed eyes what is on top of that summit beside us. We forget to bring our cameras, and settle for focusing on the things we want to remember. We take the day on our backs, and unpack the burdens at night to seek the fruits of a bard's labor. We do it the way we heard our heroes do it; with guitars, drums, and our voices. But, we have something new to talk about. We have a new set of sounds to express, and a new set of tools to use. Upon the Me Om I is a genre-bending collection of songs written by Ernest D'amaso, or by Willie Chen, or as a collective writing unit. With this infrastructure of writing akin to the Beatles, a vast array of personal influences can be heard, and the listener will be surprised at the range of ability Generator Ohm can express. The two gentlemen even swap instruments so that their individual styles change with the frequencies of the songs. While the songs are different, the tie that binds is the spirit of Rock n Roll that all three members hold to high esteem. Michael, who came late into the band after the songs of Upon the Me Om I were constructed and arranged, brought the fulfilment Ernest and Willie long sought for in the second year of Generator Ohm. His eclectic style of varied influences from jazz and world music, to pop and punk was the exact rhythmic counterpart Generator Ohm songs needed. And as a man of high stature, the power he puts into his playing sounds like that of a man who can reach higher than you can. This is the sound of passion. It's Elton John through a Marshall stack, it's Pink Floyd hiring Tommy Ramone, it's Leonard Cohen with a fuzz pedal and Hendrix without the blues scale. There are Pop sentiments everywhere hidden under the raw tone of Ernest and Willie's unpredictable playing styles. This is an album that will stand in perpetuity. It is an album on the mantel in the annals of distortion. It is neo and classic...but not neo-classic.

Once Michael joined the band to bring Generator Ohm out of it's nativity, the group blossomed in its second year and began their efforts to put their songs to tape. What began as a two piece in 2010 was now a complete triumvirate of esteemed musical calibre. In the Fall of the following year, 2011, all stars aligned for the path to making Gen Ohm's first release. As it always goes before you head into the studio, Generator Ohm's producer, Dan Kramer, came in to define the sound before the recording began. They approached the project with their eyes and ears on the sounds of Fugazi's Repeater, The Pixies' Surfer Rosa and Come on, Pilgrim, RHCP's 'Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik', Nirvana's 'Bleach' and Jeff Buckley's 'Grace'. Six months later, a completed LP was produced and ready for the masses. Meanwhile, Generator Ohm played weekly shows in support of their new record all across the lower NYC area. By March of 2012, Generator Ohm had found a place for themselves amongst the ranks of high-calibre musical talents surging out of King Killer Studios, in Gowanus of Brooklyn, NYC. Now, Generator Ohm runs to the future of music with a crew of superb Brooklyn bands such as EndAnd, The mOrgans, The Stink, Kenji Urada, Capita Clip, and TinVulva. It is not the work of one band, but that of a wave of bands that define the value of the era. This is a birth; a singularity that will flower into a significant musical movement of New York.



Upon the Me Om I

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