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Genres: Rock / Progressive / Reggae

Location: Las Vegas, NV

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4 tracks

Members: Lauren, Tony, Brian, Jordan, Kyle, Christopher

"On tour this summer."

From Las Vegas comes the experimental and often times progressive rock of GDB, otherwise known as Goldfish Don't Bounce. Established in 1999, and constantly working their sound to make something fresh and unique in the saturated market of today's music scene. Rooted in reggae the band is no stranger to the blues, jazz, funk, ska, psychadelic, calypso, dub, and anything in between. Be prepared as GDB prides them selves on having the strongest live act in Las Vegas in what has often be described as energetic, addicting, heartfelt and always dance inducing. The band's newest effort, 'the Space Between' (MDB 606) features 12 tracks of their own unique style and flavor without ever comprimising, from start to finish the album is a diverse yet coherent piece destined to be the start of something epic. This is what happens when six musicians who genuinely love to write, perform, and create collide into one form... strictly for the love of it.

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  • Andre Walker said:
    This band is incredible, i loved your style (very unique and refreshing)! Moreover, there are very few women vocalists in the Reggea genre, so rock on Lauren! Apr 24

Internet Only Release

Jun 01, 2006

The Space Between

Dec 27, 2005

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