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How To Combine PDF Files OnMac

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How To Combine PDF Files OnMac: Step by Step Guide


PDF files are very commonly used by people for various purposes as it has many features which allows great presentation and also because it can be encrypted and provides layer of security no other file format provides. Converting and editing PDF is a much needed option, no matter what OS you are using and thus, if you are using Mac, you need a PDF editor which would allow you to convert PDF files as well as help you with the editing quite easily.


Firstly, the documents to be combined have to be opened in Preview. Show Sidebar option is to be selected next in each preview window or choose View> Sidebar> Show Sidebar. The sidebar has to be configured with the thumbnails option or View> Sidebar>Thumbnails. Combining these two documents is not very tough if you understand the process and with the next process being the terminal one, you can guess how easy it is to merge documents. To edit PDF documents, you can also use Wondershare software which is very user friendly and does not cost much and if you are worried about money, then you can start with using the free version and use basic features and only when you are sure that this is the software you were looking for, go for the advanced version as it will make it very easy to edit, convert and merge documents with its advanced features.


If the PDF documents to be combined already have multiple pages, only a few pages can be copied from the root document and inserted between two existing pages in the destination document. A gray circle with an arrow appears on the thumbnail of the PDF files on Mac with multiple pages. When the arrow points left, it can be clicked to see the thumbnails of all the pages in the PDF. The pages to be copied have to be dragged on to the destination PDF’s thumbnail. If there are multiple thumbnails in the destination PDF, the copied files have to be dragged to the precise location in the destination file. A blue bar appears between the destination pages.  By following these steps, one can easily master combining PDF files on Mac.



Posted Oct 26, 2012 at 5:21am