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  • said:
    you guys rock. Feb 06
  • Hypnotizedwithyoureyes` said:
    Garbage...=Awesome!!...love it alllll! Jan 30
  • Jacobus7 said:
    Alt yes... Grunge-Punk? I think more like Goth-Punk. Whatever - Shirley Manson\'s vocals can caress and preach and alarm, sometimes all at the same time. The instrumental work totally kicks arse. Together they\'re a blast. Jan 04
  • Jacobus7 said:
    Look and Listen... Grunge? More Goth - and excellently done too. Deep rich instrumental work, reassuring yet unsettling vocals... a real power going on... Dec 29
  • shock_to_thesystem said:
    Soooooooooo HOT(: Nov 26
  • shock_to_thesystem said:
    Finally something I can listen to(: Nov 26
  • Supervixen_148 said:
    One of the best bands on Earth! Garbage are amazing!!! My favourite song is My Lover\'s Box! Rock oooon! Lucie xxxxxxxx Nov 15

Events (29)

Jul 06

Milwaukee, WI

7:00pm at SummerFest
Jul 07

Minneapolis, MN

7:00pm at Skyway Theatre
Jul 08

Omaha, NE

7:00pm at Sumtur Amphitheater
Jul 10

Kansas City, MO

7:00pm at Uptown Theatre
Jul 12

St. Louis, MO

7:00pm at The Pageant